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Tales of Diamond launch exquisite zodiac rings collection



Tales of Diamond launch exquisite zodiac rings collection

New Delhi: Well, diamonds sure are a girl’s best friend, but Tales of Diamond is here to make them pals with your stars. An online diamond jewellery store has dropped its debut collection — the Zodiac Rings. The parure is intimate, intriguing, elegant and all things exclusive at an affordable price.

Tales of Diamond is a one-of-its-kind modern diamond jewellery brand founded by the new-age couple Tanvi and Sachin. “Building on the foundation of India’s rich and diverse heritage in jewels, we launched Tales of Diamond, where every gem has a story. We wish to carve narratives that create history,” said Tanvi Bhurke, founder of the brand. Having their roots in 30 years of diamond trading business, the couple has been curating heirloom-worthy statement pieces that reflect the best version of the adorners.

In India, jewellery isn’t just another accessory to adorn oneself; it is a piece that evokes a precise emotional connection. A simple piece of this artwork can signify strong emotions of power, love, and nostalgia. From minimalistic to grandeur-exuding designs, jewellery makes its way to India’s momentous occasions and festivities. Hence, it put together what can be termed an exemplary blend of sentimental value and artistry.

A Collection that offers exclusivity

Tales of Diamond has infused this Indian richness into its contemporary designs through its range of Zodiac rings. Owing to the strong belief of ancient Indian cultures in the concept of Vedic astrology, zodiac signs have always been considered of utmost importance amongst astrology enthusiasts. The cosmic alignment impacts health, lifestyle, and career and makes all the difference in the lives of astrology lovers. These sun signs are believed to determine one’s personality and reflect the inside of an individual. Therefore, bringing out the true essence of zodiac signs in Indian culture, these beautifully curated zodiac rings make timeless jewellery pieces.


The Tales of Diamond’s Zodiac Rings: The class apart collection

The zodiac designs are beyond the mainstream sun sign icons and represent a more profound symbolism. The TOD team has done its homework and curated designs that are truly inspired by the ancient scriptures. They have dug deeper into the Indian traditions to come up with designs that are true to the roots yet bespoke and trendy making up a perfect gift option for loved ones.

Striving for trust and authenticity

Yes, online shopping is the era’s rage, yet most consumers are reluctant to buy authentic jewellery online. Next-door jewellers having a basic collection at a higher cost may seem more trustworthy than a start-up selling diamond jewellery online; because the former can easily be held accountable in the case of complaints. Stunning designs and offering made-to-order statement diamond pieces at an affordable cost. One might question their genuinity.

The best part about the Tales of Diamond is that they believe in educating the consumer before selling to them. All the diamond products are categorised into cut, clarity and colour, and their prices vary respectively. The team guides you thoroughly and matches the buyer’s requirements before they make the transaction. Besides, all the designs are made-to-order, hence the customer bears zero inventory management cost. The pieces entail the BIS hallmark and the GII Trustmark, both of which make the brand synonymous with trust. If people are unsure about the ring size, ordering a ring sizer for free is also available. Mesmerising Designs from biggies in the jewellery business can be easily availed at an affordable price range too.

Tales of Diamond curates jewellery designs that are tailor-made as per your choices. So, people can channel their creativity to “flaunt your style and raise your aura”. Incorporating policies such as low pricing, lifetime exchange offers, an easy refund policy, and secure payment, the brand puts forward a luxurious yet fantastic experience for its clientele to cherish for a lifetime. With almost three decades of experience in the jewellery business, Tales of Diamond is the ultimate one-stop shop for all things bright and beautiful, quite literally.

Courtesy: ANI/PNN

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