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This Akshaya Tritiya bring home prosperity & good luck with pure, naturally white Platinum



This Akshaya Tritiya bring home prosperity & good luck with pure, naturally white Platinum

‘Akshaya Tritiya’ – an occasion ushering infinite auspiciousness is celebrated on the third day of the Shukla Paksha of the Indian month of Vaisakh and is known for marking new beginnings in one’s life. This occasion is symbolic of good luck, success and fortune gains. This year, Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated on 3rd May 2022.

The term ‘Akshaya’ means imperishable or eternal. This festival signifies wealth, prosperity and happiness, conferring endless fortune to those buying precious metals. The true, natural white of platinum symbolizes purity, wealth, power and strength. Jewellery cast in unfading and unchanging platinum, retains its white colour and never fades or tarnishes despite the passage of time.

A universal symbol of love, rare and precious platinum, has stood the test of time to mark all the important milestones in one’s life, which makes it a perfect buy on this occasion.

Each piece of platinum jewellery under the PGI programme is cast in 95% pure platinum, offering one of the highest standards of purity in precious jewellery. It bears the purity hallmark of “Pt 950” stamped inside the piece – which makes it even more compelling on a significant and auspicious day like Akshaya Tritiya.

With a modern twist to traditional designs, the platinum jewellery range for this special occasion includes elegantly crafted deity pendants of Lord Ganesha and Aum, to other skillfully crafted pendants, chains, earrings and neckpieces for women, Platinum Love Bands for couples and classy chains and bracelets for men.


Commenting on this auspicious occasion, Vaishali Banerjee, MD India – Platinum Guild International, said, “Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most auspicious days in the Indian festival calendar, known for bringing in prosperity and marking new beginnings. Platinum is a naturally occurring luminescent white metal. It stays white through a lifetime, never losing its white sheen. With a growing preference for choosing what is pure, naturally white, we are positive that platinum jewellery will see an uptake. All our retail partners are looking forward to positive Akshaya Tritiya.”

Furthermore, commenting on their special designer edition under Men of Platinum to be launched on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya, Amarendran Vummidi, Partner of VBJ Jewellers said, “Jewellery made in platinum is 95% pure, it comes with a Quality Assurance Card and bears the purity hallmark of Pt 950. It is this combination of its natural white & purity that makes it perfect for the occasion.  With a wide range of platinum jewellery options available, we are confident that men will find what they seek on this auspicious day where white & pure is essential.”

Rajesh Kalyanaraman, Executive Director of Kalyan Jewellers commented on the special Platinum collection for Akshay Tritya, “We have seen platinum grow over the years, especially amongst the young, who seek what is modern, aspirational. They look for what matches their sense of style and look at pieces that are unique. They are familiar with the qualities of the metal and seek them out.  Platinum as a metal is naturally white, never fading or tarnishing. Its purity and rarity make it truly precious for consumers today.”

Additionally, Dipu Mehta of ORRA Jewellers said, “We foresee the demand for platinum picking up across the country, primarily driven by the younger segment that has developed an increased preference for the metal. Its qualities of purity, rarity, and true white make the ideal buy for this important occasion.”

So, celebrate this festival with rare and precious platinum this year and let the purity of its true white fill your life with abundance.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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