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Manubhai introduces Magraise diamond collection; trademarks the setting

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Manubhai Jewellers’ Magraise collection sets those unfulfilled diamond dreams rolling

Diamonds are dreamy, the glittering stars that sit among the prized pieces in a jewellery box. While everyone wants to own a dazzling piece, not everyone can get their heads around the availability factor that swiftly follows. Solitaires, for example, pinch the pocket hard, and with good reason. These are single gemstones that are stringently taken through the test of the 4Cs and are rarer than other diamond jewellery. However, Manubhai Jewellers in Mumbai has come up with a brilliant collection that offers diamond jewellery lovers the feel of a bigger gemstone at an affordable price.

Manubhai Jewellers

Called the Magraise collection, the pieces feature a collection of smaller stones in marquise and princess cuts, set together expertly. The concept is to put these diamonds together in a way that gives an illusion of a bigger diamond. While this is common practice, what makes Magraise special is the curation of diamonds that gives the best brilliance together.  It is an ethereal pairing of different shapes of diamonds that gently clasp a wondrous reason for its being.

Also called monture illusion or mirage setting, the revival of the illusion setting in the 1860s is credited to a Parisian jeweler, Oscar Massin. He is quite famous in jewellery circles for his contributions to the burgeoning Art Nouveau movement in the late 1890s.

Manubhai Jewellers

The Magraise setting by Manubhai Jewellers is a trademark diamond setting, smartly curated by expert craftsmen to make the products unique and phenomenal.

“We are launching Magraise to target the upcoming Valentine season. Diamond jewellery is doing really well and people are coming into the store in droves looking for affordable pieces for their loved ones. We found many of them longingly wishing they could afford a solitaire for its look and feel. We wanted to do something for these people, and hence the Magraise collection came to our mind,” said Samir Sagar of Manubhai Jewellers.

Manubhai Jewellers

Magraise is offered in all categories, and the price points depend on the product. However, they start at around Rs 50,000 and upwards. 

Written by Antara Basak

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