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GJSCI announces the launch of its first ever Digital Course on Jewellery Retail Sales Associate



GJSCI announces the launch of its first ever Digital Course on Jewellery Retail Sales Associate

The digitalisation of courses has become the need of the hour as every sector is pivoting to digital solutions.  The Gem and Jewellery Skill Council of India has stepped up to go digital too and proudly announces the launch of its first-ever Digital Course on “Jewellery Retail Sales Associate” job role in the Hindi language on 4th November 2022.

“Jewellery Retail Sales Associate” also known as JRSA is one of the most sought-after and widely used job roles of GJSCI. The course has been designed to address the key aspects of the job role in a very interesting & interactive manner. The content & inbuilt salient features make the module aspirational for freshers and working professionals in the retail domain.

Key Features / Highlights:

  • User can take the course from anywhere in India
  • Flexibility of access as per the user’s convenience of time and place
  • User can run the course on electronic gadgets like mobile phone, laptops, tablet, etc.
  • Digital / online access with highly security login authentication
  • Affordable pricing
  • Interactively designed
  • Built-in self-assessment module
  • Digital Certificate on successful completion of the course.

As jewellery retailing is a critical element in the whole value chain of Jewellery, the role of JRSA is gaining more and more importance & attention in the current scenario. The course would enable the user to gain the necessary technical knowledge & soft skills to be reasonably successful in the jewellery retail segment.

GJSCI intends to promote sales through its channel partners/associates. Soon GJSCI would be offering this course in English too in about a month’s time, GJSCI is also planning to offer the course in other regional languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati etc. as per demand.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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