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Abharan Jewellers distributes 450 meals daily among police, the needy, amid pandemic

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Abharan Jewellers distributes free meals to poor

Udupi, Karnataka is now facing relaxations from the COVID-19 lockdown. People are finally opening shops to bring back the pace of daily trade. But the city, like every other place of India, bore the brunt of two unforgiving lockdowns since 2020. And there was Abharan Jewellers to lend a hand of support.

The brand took charge to feed the underprivileged section in the city through their workforce. Explaining the project, Akarsh Kamath, general manager of Abharan Jewellers, said, “We have a 1500-strong workforce who are served meals daily by our team of cooks. When the lockdown started last year, we decided to help people who have no means to arrange for food and are denied the means to earn by working outside because of the pandemic.”

Realizing that there are frontline workers such as the police force relentlessly servicing its citizens by exercising strong vigil 24×7, Abharan Jewellers also provided meals to the police during the lockdowns. This apart, the brand associated themselves with various NGOs catering to the needs of hathless children and poor people to distribute meals among them. “In both the lockdowns, we never missed a day during our stretches of service. In 2020, we served for about 40 days at a stretch. In 2021, we did it for about 50 days,” said the retailer.

The humongous effort by the brand deserves special attention. To be noted, Abharan distributed close to 450 meals every day as part of their Covid-19 relief drive. The representatives of the Abharan foundation followed all safety norms while distributing the meals.

None knows what the future has kept in store, especially with apprehensions of the third wave coming to India right after the lull of the second wave. In such cases, Kamath said that Abharan wishes to continue this drive and expand its scope among a broader range of people who provide necessary services equally important to that of vigilance in times of crises. “We are identifying such category of workers through our internal research. If a state of emergency strikes us again unfortunately, we’ll be equipped to broaden the scope of our relief measures,” concluded Kamath.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller exclusive

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