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Rajasthan: Busy jewellery exports zone seeks vaccination



Jewellery exports zone in Rajasthan seeks vaccination

JAIPUR: With markets in the US and Europe having opened for business, gem and jewellery exports are in a better shape.

Capacity utilisation at manufacturing units in the Sitapura Exports Promotion Industrial Park and the special economic zone are now closer to pre-Covid levels. But the industry is worried that if the 25,000 workers and the 200 odd units are not vaccinated, uninterrupted production could take a hit.

“The vaccination camps started on June 9, but only 1,239 workers have been taken jabs. Camps were organized for three days till today. Although the units are following all the SOPs, the employees need to be vaccinated to avert any closure of units albeit for a limited period. We have written to the chief minister and the secretary industries to ensure continuous vaccination of the workers,” said Rajiv Arora, president of Federation of Rajasthan Exporters.

There is a fear of losing overseas clients in the event of a delay in production and dispatch of the goods for exports. Arora said that clients in overseas markets are very sensitive to timely delivery of goods.

“If production suffers, the manufacturers will not only suffer the business on the existing orders, but future business will be hard to come by. Foreign buyers does not hesitate to switch suppliers if the existing company fails to deliver on time,” added Arora.

The employees are also reluctant to work without vaccination and may leave for their native places if the third wave hits. “If they are not vaccinated, they will not report to work in the event of another outbreak of the pandemic. That will impact the production process,” said Arora.

Even as the domestic demand is yet to pick up significantly due to lockdowns in various states, the exports are growing. The government had allowed the units to operate even during the lockdown given the nature of their business where failure to export on time could result in the units paying a heavy price.

Courtesy: Times of India

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