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Tanishq ropes elderlies back to customer base with delightful ad on gold exchange



Tanishq ropes elderlies back to customer base with delightful ad on gold exchange

Jewellery, like any other product, depends on buyer-seller communication. Over time, brands fine-tune their positioning and promotional tricks to cater to the younger audience. While that is the right progression for a steady business run, the elderlies often fall out of the equation. Tanishq has brought them back successfully with its latest campaign on jewellery exchange.

The ad shows an aged couple wondering what to gift to their would-be daughter-in-law as good omen (shagun) ahead of their first family visit. As the man inquires if she was thinking about gifting her traditional jewellery, the lady stops him midway to explain that one needs to understand the preferences of the youth. Soon, they start looking for clues on the lucky woman’s social media handle and find a design that works well.

They visit the brand with that image and ask the sales executive to display similar designs. Upon finding the right piece, the elderly lady decides to pay by gold exchange. When her husband disagrees saying that returns would be highest from the original showroom they bought the old jewellery from, the executive informs that the brand offers the best gold rate.

A couple of essential factors are highlighted through this advertisement. The first is the regular way of design referral through social media that has become a part and parcel of almost every customer inquiry today. It also shows that the aged are no longer dated and rigid, as they know that building a relationship is a two-way street and that the youth can be won over through their preferences. Finally, the brand addresses the payment scheme through gold exchange, which assures great transactional ease to the past generation.

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