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Manubhai Jewellers create a wow factor with trademark Magraise diamond setting



Manubhai Jewellers create a wow factor with trademark Magraise diamond setting

Product innovation is part and parcel of the Indian jewellery industry. Some brands burn the midnight oil to create a permanent differentiating factor with trademark designs. Those factors continue to create a strong brand recall among customers in every step of product creation and promotion. Manubhai Jewellers has achieved a similar milestone with their Magraise diamond setting.

“Magraise is a trademark diamond setting by the brand, involving a careful structure of smaller diamonds in princess and marquise cuts, which enhances the perceived size of the diamond within a setting,” said Samir Sagar, director, Manubhai Gems Pvt. Ltd.With an enhanced perception adds greater value to a jewellery piece, coupled with robust designs by expert craftsmen.

Once mastered, this diamond setting is applied on refreshing designs across the spectrum of jewellery categories such as rings, pendants, neckpieces, bracelets, and earrings. The innovation, launched in February this year, has worked fabulously for the brand. Manubhai Jewellers have gained a significant hike in sales for three major product categories, such as engagement rings, pendants andsets.

“The audience are majorly youngsters who are looking for office wear jewellery, engagement rings, or self-purchase. Thanks to robust promotional activities across social media, we are receiving about 40% of our target customers from different social media handles alone. They typically reach out to us with price or information queries with images of the Magraise sets,” maintained Sagar, adding that Magraise has helped create strong product and brand awareness for Manubhai’s target customer base because of its sheer uniqueness.

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