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Women employees of the jewellery sector to benefit from SEEPZ’s ‘Swasth Naari, Viksit Bharat’ programme




Under the drive, 15000 women employees from across different units of SEEPZ can avail themselves of health screening services and supplements to ensure their well-being

MUMBAI: SEEPZ SEZ has launched a collective and comprehensive month-long health awareness drive along with its unit holders under the slogan “Swasth Naari, Viksit Bharat”. The health campaign aims to focus on the well-being of 15000 women employees working in different units of SEEPZ SEZ. By offering health screening resources, the initiative’s objective is to generate a culture of self-care and health awareness among the employees.

The venue of the drive is the ground floor of the BFC building within the SEEPZ SEZ. Through this drive, SEEPZ intends to get women employees to take advantage of the healthcare resources and support available to them.

Over the course of the campaign’s duration, the program, powered by HDFC Bank Limited, will empower 500 women employees daily to undertake health screening in the form of blood tests and offer personalized health consultations and nutrition supplementation, of which, the latter will be supplied by Davaindia Generic Pharmacy. Under the initiative, the employees can also opt for mammography and cervical cancer tests as advised by the consulting doctor on a need basis.

Rajesh Kumar Mishra, Development Commissioner, SEEPZ, appreciated the healthcare initiative and expressed gratitude to the unit holders for their cooperation, saying, “The health and well-being of employees are of paramount importance to us. Through this program, we are committed to providing women employees working in SEEPZ with the tools and support they need to prioritize their health and lead fulfilling lives. By collaborating with our unit holders, we aim to create a far-reaching impact that extends beyond the workplace and positively influences the broader community.”


C.P.S. Chauhan, Joint Development Commissioner, SEEPZ, commented on the initiation of the drive and said, “The program is expected to contribute to a more resilient and productive workforce, ultimately benefiting both the employees and the organizations they work for. By fostering a healthier and more engaged workforce, SEEPZ anticipates a positive impact on overall productivity and employee satisfaction.”

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