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Reliance Jewels launches Makar Sankranti range in the shape of flying kites



Reliance Jewels launches Makar Sankranti range in the shape of flying kites

Makar Sankranti is one such Hindu religious festival that marks the solar transit into the Makara rashi and leads to multi-day festivals all across the country. Kite flying is a very important and exciting part of this festival as people show their gratitude to the gods through this activity. Such an important occasion was marked by Reliance Jewels through their latest Makar Sankranti collection.

Named #SunehriUdaan, the brand created an enthralling range of diamond pendants and earrings that were designed in the shape of kites. This, the brand states, is to commemorate the joy of the harvest season. As part of their combined collection launch activity, Reliance Jewels also launched a contest named #HumariSunehriUdaan. To take part in this contest, one has to share a picture or video of people one wants to take his/her ‘sunehri udaan’ with. Contestants also had to state how flying kites makes Makar Sankranti special for them.

Over the years, Reliance Jewels has built an irreplicable market status of digging out what is exquisite, authentic, and indigenous in Indian cultural fabric across the lengths and breadths of the country. In doing so, the brand has not only acquainted its clientele with lesser-known culture, but have also developed a strong base of customers who identify with Indian fashion trends.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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