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PNG Sons presents iconic Marathi play ‘Varhad Nighalay Londonla’ across Maharashtra




The special showcase was part of the brand’s continued effort to invest in Marathi culture, support local artists and extend gratitude to its patrons

All it takes for a brand to have its pulse on the market is to organize activities that entertain its target audience. P.N. Gadgil & Sons and its silver brand Gargi did the same by partnering with iconic Marathi play ‘Varhad Nighalay Londonla’ to present its special come-back across several locations in Maharashtra.

P.N. Gadgil & Sons launched this first-of-its-kind initiative in 2022 and has since been investing in it to support Maharashtrian artists. The activity has given the brand much-needed exposure to younger consumer demographics. Aditya Modak, CFO and Head of Marketing, P.N. Gadgil & Sons Ltd. said, “We have organized Marathi plays such as Sanjya Chaya, 36 Krishna Villa and Vacuum Cleaner for our patrons. Viabhav Joshi’s poetic musical show ‘Sobhaticha Karar’ was held at six showroom locations. ‘Varhad Nighalay Londonla’ is one of many shows we plan to organize.”

‘Varhad Nighalay Londonla,’ starring Sandeep Pathak as its lead, has accrued State, national and international acclaim ever since its first production, which originally starred the late Laxman Deshpande. The current showcase was held in six locations across the Marathwada region – including Dharashiv, Parbhani, Pandharpur, Phaltan, Shirur and Beed – during October. Active support for the veteran theatre artiste, who belongs to the region, not only garnered immense support from his fans on home-ground, but also indicated the brand’s commitment to give back to its patrons, root itself in the community and build on regional loyalty.


“PNG Sons has been supporting art and artists for decades. This is purely a customer-centric initiative, and we don’t promote our jewellery during the show. It is organized purely for entertainment and to express gratitude towards our patrons,” Modak said.

Pathak’s visit to the brand’s showrooms at locations closer to the venues of the play drew attention to the stores and the initiative, indirectly boosting regional brand presence. Videos on P N Gadgil & Sons’ Instagram account highlight how the label’s loyal customers attended the special showcases.

The intersection of and collaboration between the jewellery brand’s customer base and theatre enthusiasts tapped into cultural nostalgia. Such entertainment-oriented shows provide an additional brand recall opportunity and create a stronger base of customers.

Modak plans to host more events related to the arts in the coming months. “Lyrical show ‘Sankarshan via Spruha’ featuring Sankarshan Karahade and Spruha Joshi will be held in Pune at the end of October. We are also organizing Marathi play ‘Mi, Swara and Te Doghe’ in Vadodara and Nandurbar in the coming days,” he added.

Written by Harshita Kale

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