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PGI’s ‘Discover Love’s Defining Moments’ campaign celebrates acceptance in modern love




The campaign aligns with the brand’s values of individuality, confidence, and an investment in shared growth – and is targetted towards young women, who comprise Platinum Guild International’s core audience

Mumbai: Platinum Guild International (PGI) launched its new platinum bands for couples and an associated campaign titled ‘Discover Love’s Defining Moments in the New Platinum Love Bands.’ The campaign gave a twist to the rigid cultural subtext that surrounds arranged marriages in India.

The Platinum Love Bands campaign, directed by Nitesh Tiwari, shone a spotlight on defining moments that change the course of a relationship. It zeroed in on a pivotal moment during the course of an arranged marriage being finalized – where the groom witnessed a more raw, real, and imperfect version of his bride-to-be. What ensued was a tender moment of fear and uncertainty – a wondering as to whether one’s potential partner will accept one in one’s entirety. The campaign progressed to how show this vulnerable moment brought the couple closer – and marking this one-of-a-kind love with just as rare and precious platinum bands.

The campaign aligns with the brand’s values of individuality, confidence, and an investment in shared dreams and growth – and is especially targetted towards young women, who comprise PGI’s core audience. The campaign highlighted how marriage can truly thrive only on equal footing, friendship and a mutual holding of space for each other’s flaws and imperfections.


Speaking on the campaign Sujala Martis, Director- Consumer Marketing, PGI India said, “Relationships have evolved, becoming more individualistic than ever before, a sentiment echoed by the young women who make up our core audience. They seek partners who support them and let them flourish. This quest, however, has shifted the relationship landscape, with many modern depictions appearing transactional or even negotiated.”

“We are platinum and wanted to approach this from the lens of a love that is truly rare, where the quest for acceptance of individuality didn’t mean the magic was lost. Finding a relationship based on shared dreams, strong support, mutual respect and acceptance in fact makes a love truly rare more so against the backdrop of arranged marriages. These are defining moments in a relationship that merit only platinum,” Martis added.

Vishnu Srivatsav, National Creative Director, 22feet Tribal Worldwide, said “The pressure of perfection is very real. Especially in an arranged marriage, where every moment happens in front of the families, and you really don’t have the opportunity to be yourself until much later. We felt where folks always have to portray the best version of themselves, platinum stands for that rare love that lets people just be themselves.”

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