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#MyCaratLaneStory continues to bring adorable tales of customer delight from the brand



#MyCaratLaneStory continues to bring adorable tales of customer delight from the brand

It’s one thing to sell a product and another to develop strong memories with the same. Most jewellery brands give in to the highs and lows of seasonal demands and focus on product promotion. But few brands such as CaratLane keep a dialogue of love and companionship alive for years, sometimes through just a single hashtag like #MyCaratLaneStory.

Over the years, one would find tales of surprises, love and adoration from different customers across the world through this hashtag. While it is expected of social media influencers to associate their content with this hashtag, people not accustomed to any form of limelight have also taken a liking to this trend. The latest story that CaratLane shared on Monday was that of nazariyas for babies.

The still creative had an adorable image of the baby asleep, wearing the delicate nazariyas gifted by his uncle and aunty. The post contained a caption from the parent, who wants to recommend the brand to every other family with kids. The post had 3,389 likes at the time of writing this piece.

Another post mentions how a lady got an emerald jewellery piece at one of the least expected scenarios of jewellery purchase; grocery shopping. Indeed, this post with the hashtag was uploaded on Dhanteras this year and the customer talks about how she reminded her husband of a mandatory Dhanteras purchase while they were out buying grocery and a CaratLane showroom was nearby.

Going back to June 2020, there was a touching repost on the same hashtag by a customer. The student shared her surprise with a CaratLane diamond ring. Her family woke her up that day with that gift. But she wondered why is she getting it, as the result of her last semester was dissatisfactory. To her amazement, she found that her sister had used her savings to buy the ring, just to tell her that she means much more than semester performances. That post had 2,344 likes as of now.

Jewellery purchase is as emotional as it is a luxurious experience. Commodifying such an experience deprives jewellers of the chance to appeal to the emotions of the customers. It is through these permanent, organic dialogues undisturbed by trend-based promotions that a brand earns pure loyalty of each customer. Such strategies help spread the trust among new prospects, who would recall this brand, not only because of its products, but also because of its client testimonials. After all, the customer journey starts as early as childhood and continues even after one has become a grandparent.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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