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On its 70th anniversary, Kashi Jewellers tells the brand’s story with ‘Kashi Ki Kahani’



The brand’s captivating social media campaign unveils its legacy and invites both old and potential customers to delve into its journey

Kashi Jewellers, a family-owned business founded in 1953 and currently being run by the third generation, has launched an intriguing social media campaign titled ‘Kashi Ki Kahani’ to commemorate its 70th anniversary. Spearheaded by Shreyansh Kapoor, Vice President of Kashi Jewellers, the campaign aims to unveil the rich legacy and unique story of Kashi Jewellers, inviting both old customers and potential new ones to delve into the brand’s journey.

The idea emerged from the realization that while loyal customers have witnessed and cherished the brand’s evolution, the younger generation remains unaware of its history. Through a series of weekly posts and reels on Instagram, the ‘Kashi Ki Kahani’ campaign will narrate compelling stories about Kashi Jewellers, showing its infrastructure, award-winning designs, manufacturing prowess and global reach.


The essence of ‘Kashi Ki Kahani’ is rooted in the distinctiveness of Kashi Jewellers‘ journey. From having one of North India’s largest showrooms, spanning 24,000 sq. ft (in Kanpur), to being the sole jeweller to receive two President of India awards (from Pranav Mukherjee and Pratibha Patil), the brand has amassed many accolades. The brand prides itself as a complete design centre, retailer, manufacturer and exporter – a rare industry combination with a great story to tell. Shreyansh Kapoor explains, “Kashi Ki Kahani is not only a storyline of our legacy; we plan to make it a series which will tell customers many other facts about our present in a fun and engaging manner. By revealing lesser-known but captivating aspects of Kashi Jewellers, the campaign seeks to pique the interest of potential customers, enticing them to explore the brand.”

Drawing inspiration from an old Doordarshan series that presented fun facts about India, Kapoor aims to evoke a similar sense of curiosity and fascination among those who view the campaign. “For example, one post is about our unique parking facility, tucked safely within the building, emphasizing the importance of customer trust and security,” he says.


To set the ‘Kashi Ki Kahani’ campaign apart from typical brand promotions, Kashi Jewellers has employed creative strategies to captivate its audience. The jewellery house has strategically engaged with local influencers to tap into their geographic reach and better connect with the targeted audience.

In the fiercely competitive jewellery industry, the ‘Kashi Ki Kahani’ campaign is a differentiating factor for Kashi Jewellers. Their decades-long legacy sets them apart, enabling the brand to stand tall among competitors.

‘Kashi Ki Kahani’ serves as a captivating narrative that celebrates Kashi Jewellers’ 70 years of success and invites customers to become a part of their legacy. Through compelling story-telling and focusing on the campaign’s outcomes, Kashi Jewellers has reinforced its position as a strong brand in the industry.

Written by Maithili Patange

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