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Nebula from Titan creates luxurious watches fit for gala Indian weddings



Nebula from Titan creates luxurious watches fit for gala Indian weddings

“What’s the time, please?” Smartphones and watches may have grown into the youth, but nothing beats the panache of luxury watches. This is one segment that has effortlessly blended into adornment. Every reputed jewellery brand has a counter for luxury watches and this time, Nebula by Titan has made a huge impact in this segment with a curated collection of luxury watches fit for the wedding look.

Nebula showcased its pair watches during a gala event at World of Titan, Bandra on December 9. Actor Aditi Rao Hydari was the guest of honour, who praised the five variants, namely Samar, Zavar, Ukrit, Azarin, and Samrat watches. The usage of lapis lazuli, malachite, diamonds and gold was the main point of attraction in these luxury watches.

In the West, there are umpteen examples of luxury brands such as Avi and Co. being built on the founding stone of jewellery business. Speaking to reporters, Avi Hiaeve, founder of Avi and Co., said luxury watches have been proven to retain value and even have price appreciation over time. Talking about bringing that culture in the Indian wedding scene, Kalpana Rangamani, Chief Marketing Officer, Titan Watches, said, “I’m very happy to introduce a curated collection of watches handpicked by our style experts to complement the ensemble in our grand Indian weddings. Nebula is the most premium offering from Titan that brings together expert watchmaking and the grace and grandeur of 18KT gold.”

Hydari heaped praises on the design and finesse of the luxury watches that sync effortlessly with any kind of traditional or hyper-trendy wedding outfit. “I love watches, and quite often at weddings I wish that I had a timepiece but sometimes a watch doesn’t quite complement traditional wear. Nebula’s wedding collection is so beautiful, the watches look like beautiful jewellery. With intricate detailing and embellished with diamonds and precious stones, these watches are opulent and elegant and perfectly accessorise all the outfits for a wedding,” said Hydari.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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