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Manik Chand & Sons Jewellers’ local fashion show event draws new customers to its Silchar showroom 



Manik Chand & Sons Jewellers’ local fashion show event draws new customers to its Silchar showroom 

With the event being hosted at a hotel in the same city, Manik Chand & Sons Jewellers aimed to bring their customers’ attention to the Silchar store 

Silchar: Manik Chand & Sons Jewellers combined fashion and jewellery with their latest endeavour, the Fashion Fiesta, as the sponsor. The event was a partnership with Silchar-based fashion designer, Madhuri Gupta, and was graced by luminaries from the fashion world such as Prakshi Goyal, Femina Miss India Delhi’22; Dr. Smita Deb, a finalist of Mrs. Universe; and Tamanna Das, the 1st runner-up of Black Carpet Miss India. 

“Some of our customers were also present at the event and were pleased to witness fashion trends along with getting a chance to meet the celebrities,” said Mahatwa Soni, Director, Manik Chand & Sons Jewellers


Apart from the Guwahati store, the jewellery brand also has a showroom in Silchar. With the event being hosted at a luxurious hotel in the same city, the brand aimed to bring their customers’ attention to this store. “This event gave us the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our existing customers. We received a very positive response after the show. Also, this occasion will serve as valuable marketing material for their future promotions,” commented Soni. 

After this event, that goal was achieved with jewellery consumers showing increased interest in the Silchar showroom. The jeweller observed that the influx of new customers between the age group of 25-35 years increased at its Silchar showroom after the collaboration and event. “This is a young generation of customers that is interested in lightweight and fashion jewellery”. 

The jewellery house ensured strong promotion activities for the event, employing a multifaceted approach across traditional advertorials and banners, as well as Instagram and WhatsApp. 

This sponsorship event had the presence of more than 250 attendees, comprising former ministers from the region as patrons, thus giving the brand wholehearted support for the local culture of Assam and fashion. “The event was a success and has helped us attract more customers who were interested to know more about the jewellery”, added Soni. 

Leading up to the event, the brand strategically enlisted the support of local social media influencers, whose endorsement improved the event’s visibility and generated anticipation among their respective followings. Additionally, the presence of high-profile personalities across diverse disciplines such as healthcare and fashion influenced Fashion Fiesta positively.

Written by Aparna Bhowmick

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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