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LGD brand Luire’s unique campaign reimagines 60’s women with independent fashion choices 



LGD brand Luire’s unique campaign reimagines 60’s women with independent fashion choices 

The extensive ad campaign features young women against a 1960’s backdrop, highlighting their confidence through their choice in diamond jewellery 

Ahmedabad: Lab-grown diamonds and jewellery have steadily been picking up their pace in the jewellery industry and have been seen as fashion statements and not just jewellery. Lab-grown diamond brand Luire aims to establish itself as a young and vibrant brand that appeals to fashionable and design-conscious people. 

Lakhtarwala Jewellers, which founded Luire, has rendered its experience of the jewellery industry from the last 70 years in wholesale business, to form its retail lab-grown diamond brand. Therefore, Luire aims to stand out in the industry by moving away from the hackneyed debate between lab-grown diamonds and their natural counterpart, instead focusing on making diamonds a part of jewellery consumers’ lives. “Our interaction with buyers in these years has helped us curate designs which women across all ages love. The designs are trendy and fashionable but also not heavy on the pocket, letting buyers get the maximum benefit from owning diamonds,” said Harshit Soni, Founder, Luire.


To highlight its vision, the brand has launched a campaign inspired by the 1960s era, when style and elegance were a part of daily life. This 360-degree campaign spans print, outdoor, LED screens, cinema, and social media. 

“We want to connect with everyone, from the youngest diamond buyer purchasing diamonds for the first time to a diamond connoisseur adding more pieces to their collection,” continued Soni. However, the brand primarily aims to reach out to young consumers as they have a knack for setting trends and influencing communities. 

The ad campaign features young women against the backdrop of the 60s with a twist. Instead of showing demure and shy women simply flaunting jewellery, the campaign highlights the confidence of these ladies through their choice in diamond jewellery. “The 60’s woman was portrayed in advertisements as demure, dependent and confined to household chores. We took the imagery of the 60s and gave it a bold touch with statements like “I don’t do breakfast, I only do diamonds” which portray women as empowered decision makers and consumers of diamond jewellery,” explained Soni. 

In addition to its marketing efforts, the lab-grown diamond jewellery brand is strategically incorporating on yet another demographic: men seeking lab-grown diamonds as gifts for their loved ones. Recognizing the shifting preferences in the market, the brand is capitalizing on the increasing appeal of lab-grown diamonds among this group, highlighting not only their beauty but also their ethical and sustainable qualities. 

The brand has observed the significance of diamonds as meaningful gifts in personal family celebrations and milestones. By calling attention to the emotional resonance and value of diamond jewellery, the brand aims to position itself as the go-to choice for those seeking heartfelt gifts for their loved ones during special occasions.

Additionally, the brand is reaching out to a segment of potential customers who may have been slow to approach diamond jewellery due to its cost. This inclusive approach aims to broaden the brand’s appeal and attract a diverse base of consumers who may have previously felt excluded from the traditional diamond market. “Women these days relate to this sentiment or aspire to belong to this bracket,” Soni added. 

Written by Aparna Bhowmick 

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive 

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