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Maliram Jewellers launches ‘Shaadi Wala Ghar’ campaign



Maliram Jewellers launches ‘Shaadi Wala Ghar’ campaign

A wedding is more of values, feelings, rituals, relations and bonding. Similarly, expressing the grandeur of marriage with just an image of the bride is like scratching the iceberg. Shaadi wala ghar is all about those values, relations and expressions. The campaign delves deep and focuses on the different functions held before and even after the marriage such as haldi ceremony, sangeet ceremony, mehendi ceremony, and more.

Maliram Jewellers introduced ‘Shaadi wala ghar’ to help bring awareness about the other ceremonies related to the wedding, as usually the importance is given to the wedding day but not others. “At Maliram – we have no offers, no deals or any provisions. Maliram is all about happiness. As taught to us by our mentor Mr. Shanker Maliram. We believe that anyone who walks in should walk in and walk out with happiness,” said Ashna Kedia, Director of Maliram Jewellers.

There is no minimum buying criteria. The only criterion is the bride should be a Maliram bride. One of the main inspiration for this campaign was to see how Shaadi Wala Ghar involves everyone in this grand celebration of matrimony. 

“The campaign is so beautiful and unique in itself that not only the brides but other family members are themselves volunteering and sending the information. We certainly want to make it an annual affair. And even beyond that, fingers crossed – we wish to stay connected to all families and cover their all festivals and occasions for one year even if there has been no purchase,” Ashna added.

Written by Pranita Sawant

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