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‘Legacy of Rani Lokmahadevi’ collection by Shaya is a modern rendition of a glorious past




The pure 925 silver jewellery collection commemorates the enigmatic Chalukya queen’s legacy, drawing inspiration from the iconic Virupaksha Temple in Pattadakal, Karnataka, that she commissioned. By weaving her story into the collection, CaratLane’s Shaya reaches out to women with a motivating message

Amidst the resplendent history of India’s queens, Rani Lokmahadevi of the Chalukya dynasty stands out as a symbol of empowerment and patronage of arts. Shaya, a brand by Caratlane for pure 925 silver jewellery, pays homage to this extraordinary queen through its latest collection, ‘The Legacy of Rani Lokmahadevi’ and seeks to inspire women with her story. The brand has partnered with Bharatanatyam dancer Shreema Upadhyaya to weave the queen’s untold story through jewellery and dance, and encapsulate the essence of a woman whose influence extended beyond her time.


The Virupaksha Temple of Pattadakal in Karnataka, one of the few medieval shrines commissioned by a queen, is the focal point of inspiration for this collection. A testament to Rani Lokmahadevi’s legacy, the temple’s intricate architecture and historical significance have been translated into the jewellery pieces. It is not only a structural marvel but a symbol of the queen’s wisdom, benevolence, and lasting impact – the values attributed to the jewellery collection.


As a patron of arts and a capable administrator, Rani Lokmahadevi’s contribution to the artistic heritage of her era is undeniable, and Shaya by CaratLane’s designers have meticulously incorporated this in the collection. Dual-plated beads and coins take centre-stage, reflecting the aesthetic splendour of the Virupaksha Temple. The coins, adorned with stylized depictions of sculptures and the jewellery depicted on them, breathe life into the collection. The jewellery pieces are crafted in dual-plated 925 silver with an oxidized and antique gold finish.

Designs range from silver free size and statement rings with coin motifs to silver multi-layered chain bracelets with coin motifs. An intricate silver juda pin with leaf motif, elegant silver statement and stud earrings with coin motifs, and resplendent silver-layered necklace with coin motifs along with many other, together create an ensemble reflecting Rani Lokmahadevi’s multifaceted legacy.

Mimi Hrahsel, Business Head of Shaya By Caratlane,says by incorporating dual-plated beads and coins, Shaya’s designs reflect the Virupaksha temple’s artistic and historical elements. Inspired by sculpture art, the embossed coins offer modern adaptations while paying homage to the past, she adds.


Shaya by CaratLane’s collaboration with Bharatanatyam dancer Shreema Upadhyaya depicts the queen’s story through three distinct rasas of dance – Shringara, Veera, and Adbhuta. Each rasa brings forth a facet of Rani Lokmahadevi’s character, amplifying her persona and legacy.

‘The Legacy of Rani Lokmahadevi’ merges the intricate craftsmanship of jewellery with the evocative story-telling of dance, and unveils a saga that transcends time. Through these creations, CaratLane’s Shaya brand pays tribute to an enigmatic queen whose legacy continues to inspire women to leave their indelible mark on history.

Written by Maithili Patange

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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