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Kundan Gold Refinery launches new brand campaign



Kundan Gold Refinery, one of the largest private gold refinery in India, has launched a new brand campaign with the tagline “Bharosa Hai toh Hum Hai”.

The campaign aims to highlight brand’s commitment and priority towards quality and customer satisfaction, and is launched to strengthen customer’ trust and make Kundan an ultimate choice for customers.

Gold has deep routed significance in the Indian culture, its traditions and is an integral part of religious connotations. It holds an auspicious status in Indian marriages and considered to bring blessings of Goddess Lakshmi for the bride and Groom. Therefore, people are more conscious and look for trust worthy source while purchasing a precious metal as a blessing for the new member of the family.

The campaign beautifully brings out the message of trust and purity in the new ad.

Speaking on the new campaign, Vidit Garg, Director, Kundan Group said, “Since the inception of Kundan Gold refinery, we have been committed to provide best-in class products and services to our customers. Our core priority is to bring right quality products for end customers. Moreover, through the campaign, we have taken an unconventional route and shift the focus to educate customers on the importance of buying a right product at an affordable price.”

“Trust plays an important role while buying a precious and expensive item like gold, especially when it comes to gifting this bride or groom. As a brand, we have always understood customer requirements and brought products and solutions matching up their expectations in terms of affordability and quality. We are committed putting our customers first by providing unmatchable experience in buying gold coins,” he added.

Saurabh Dasgupta, C’lab (The creative agency behind the TVC, National Creative Director) said, “Gold holds great importance in Indian culture. However, when it comes to gifting Gold, people think of only jewelry, we wanted to change that perception and replace it with Kundan Coins.”

The TV commercial starts with a woman asking her husband to buy gold as a shagun for their daughter-in law, to which husband nodded that he has already bought it. Hearing this, wife gets annoyed and says, he must have asked her as people nowadays sell anything in the name of gold and one must check whether the gold is pure and certified. The husband smiles and brings a box of Kundan Group Gold Coin and emphasizes that this is from the government approved refinery with 999.9 percent guaranteed purity and 100 percent buy back. The wife becomes happy at husband’s efforts on researching the right product and asks him to gift to their daughter in law. To her surprise, the husband says, this is for you.

Courtesy: Business Standard/ Image: indiantelevision.com/

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