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Jos Alukkas captures the essence of Indian tradition with its Parampara collection




The series showcases divine motifs, along with intricate designs that draw inspiration from the grace and symbolism of peacocks, elephants, and the divine swan

Jos Alukkas’ Parampara collection, a jewellery range inspired by Indian culture and traditional art, has been introduced in the market. Actor Keerthy Suresh unveiled Parampara during an event held in Chennai. The occasion was graced by the presence of Jos Alukkas Managing Directors Varghese Alukka, Paul J Alukka, and John Alukka.

The jewellery line is presented by Jos Alukkas, following the launch of the Shubha Mangalyam Bridal Collections 2023 Festive Edition. This exquisite jewellery collection beautifully encapsulates the artistic charm of ancient sculptures.

The ‘Parampara’ series showcases divine motifs, including various goddess representations, Krishna, and Ganesha along with intricate designs that draw inspiration from the grace and symbolism of peacocks, elephants, and the divine swan. The collection boasts the use of exquisite gemstones, including kembu, ruby, emeralds, moissanites, and cubic zirconia, adding a radiant and luxurious touch to each piece. The skilled craftsmen have masterfully captured the divine essence of Gods and Goddesses with exquisite finesse. Parampara offers jewellery options with antique-finished, red-polished, and yellow-polished styles. Additionally, the collection includes meticulously handcrafted Nagas jewellery.


“The hallmark of the Parampara series lies in its intricate designs, deeply influenced by India’s ancient cultural heritage. Utilizing cost-effective labour allows us to offer our customers jewellery at a highly reasonable price” – said Jos Alukka, Chairman, Jos Alukkas.

Jos Alukkas employs a method of stone setting that doesn’t involve the use of wax, ensuring the purity and grammage of the gold is maintained. In the valuation process of gold jewellery adorned with stones, the weight of the stones is entirely excluded.

The introduction of these new brands aligns with Jos Alukkas’ expansion strategy, leveraging its 59-year legacy in the country’s jewellery retail sector. Notably, Jos Alukkas achieved a significant milestone with the HUID Campaign, successfully raising awareness across the nation. In addition, Jos Alukkas has unveiled plans for the establishment of 100 new jewellery stores.

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