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Indian Gem & Jewellery Creation ventures into lab-grown diamonds space with Espera



The brand is launching a 1,000 sq ft showroom in Kolkata that will exclusively showcase lab-grown solitaire-based jewellery of 1 carat and above

Fine jewellery brand Indian Gem & Jewellery Creation is now venturing into the lab-grown diamonds space under the brand name Espera, with the launch of a new store at Middleton Street in Kolkata scheduled for Sunday, July 30. Espera goes with the tagline ‘Diamonds Mastered by Science’. The new 1,000 sq ft showroom will exclusively showcase lab-grown solitaire-based jewellery of 1 carat and above. It aims to cater to customers seeking lab-grown diamond jewellery, but with a more refined and minimalistic appeal, in the solitaire category. The Espera showroom has already seen a soft launch, and the brand’s aim is to move online eventually.


Post COVID, lab-grown diamonds (LGDs) gained prominence as the jewellery industry saw a shift in its landscape with customers seeking more affordable jewellery. That’s where the proprietors of Indian Gem & Jewellery Creation saw an opportunity.  “While natural diamonds will not go away, LGDs will be a new market. That is the motivation for Brand Espera,” says Pratik Dugar, Director, Indian Gem & Jewellery Creation. He adds that since the brand’s focus is on LGD solitaire jewellery, customers can shop for bridal jewellery at the store along with necklaces, earrings, bracelets and bangles. However, lightweight jewellery cannot be accommodated under this category.

One of the reasons why the brand has chosen to launch offline is the exclusivity an offline showroom gives this new category of jewellery. Kolkata has very few lab-grown diamond showrooms at present, which makes the Espera showroom among the first few of its kind in the city. Considering the location of the store, the brand is aiming at prominent visibility.


The price range at Espera starts from Rs 25,000-30,000 and goes up to Rs 1 crore or more. The brand aims to attract customers from the high-net worth individual (HNI) category, especially people who are looking to spend on trendy lab-grown solitaire jewellery designs instead of bulkier diamond jewellery. “Espera, as a select lab-grown solitaire brand, stands out due to its special offerings under the lab-grown solitaire jewellery category – be it the coloured solitaires in blue, pink and yellow hues or the alphabet-shaped solitaires,” says Dugar, adding that the brand is working with lab-grown diamond growers who specialize in shaping these solitaires as per the customers’ needs.

“We can even have Lord Hanuman’s image carved out of a solitaire if the customer so desires. This unique offering is something, I believe, only our brand offers,” Dugar declares.


As of now, the Espera showroom at Middleton Street is the only one for the brand, but opening more stores is definitely on the agenda. Answering a query on the brand’s plans for expansion, Dugar says, “Lab-grown diamonds will see a significant demand in the next few months and will open a gate for all consumers who aspire to buy diamonds. We are already exploring more locations to open stores in different parts of the city in the coming months.”

Written by Aparna Bhowmick

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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