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IIJS’s legacy continues in the Virtual edition, it will Empower Retailers with the latest-New designs innovations and novel ways of showcasing merchandise degitally!




Anil Talwar of Talwarsons Jewellers comes to IIJS for ideas on trends. He feels the virtual version will be as good as the physical one

 What is your view on the IIJS virtual?

I think it’s a fantastic initiative by GJEPC. We are going through tough times. The only thing that is possible now is what GJEPC is trying to do. We are waiting because you may still be working with people you know, but you are also looking out for new things. I have never missed IIJS; it is like an addiction. People who grow in this business learn a lot from suppliers. No matter how good you are in your perception, you still need an outer strength, see what people want and that is what IIJS provides. I think the virtual show will be as good as the physical show.

What do you think about the industry, retail and manufacturing now? How will it move forward in the next six months?


The lockdown was the toughest on the industry but things are normalising now. If we categorise into organised and unorganised sectors, the former does not have to worry much. As far as north India is concerned, things are back on track and even better than last year. When the lockdown happened, we were scared that there would be resale of jewellery. India is one place where love for jewellery never ends. All marriages that were postponed are happening now. As marriages are happening on a lower scale, a lot of the money, which would have otherwise been spent on catering and other things, will now be spent on jewellery. The psyche of a jeweller in India is very different from ones outside. India is the only country where a jeweller gives a returning guarantee to the customer.

What product categories or innovations would you be looking at?

As a retailer, our mindset comes from IIJS. Once you go to IIJS, you will work with 15-20 people. You come here for ideas. Withs such shows, your ideas are processed. For example, regular sets were taken over by antique jewellery. Then a time came when antique took over from plain gold jewellery. In chains, fancy ones came first and then came chains for gents, which was not even a category 10 years ago. But it is a huge seller now. So, IIJS sells jewellery and also gives you ideas on trends.

What would you advise fellow jewellers in the country on the upcoming 6 months?

We need to take care of people we buy from. They need to have confidence in us. We should pay them in time so that the cycle keeps going on. We need to take care of our manufacturers as they are like a parent body as far as work is concerned. A jeweller has 20-30 people working for him but a manufacturer has a bigger labour strength. They have gone through a very tough time and I have been in touch with many of them. You have to retain people who are working for you. So, don’t break the cycle.

Do you think we will match our numbers for 2021?

I am very hopeful. Overall sales in India should be very close to last years. People may beat their last year’s sales figures. If you are working well, the numbers should work too.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service.





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