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IIJS virtual will be the future even when the physical show comes back, We are looking to fill up our merchandising gaps in Wedding jewellery at the show

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Ramesh Narang of Hazoorilal Legacy feels Covid is an accident that has also given us quite some futuristic gifts. He thinks IIJS virtual is here to stay and will eventually be the preferred option for global jewellers

What are your thoughts on the virtual format of IIJS this year?

Corona has been the biggest accident for our generation. If you look at history, most important inventions have happened by accident. Corona has brought the digital invention for us. It was long due, Covid has only expedited the process. It’s very nice that IIJS has come up with this exhibition, as it’s also the need of the hour. Even after things normalise, the virtual will stay. It has so many benefits. I am really excited to meet people and check out designs in peace, without the disturbances that come with the physical show. There will be more focused attention, so, I think the virtual IIJS will be more preferred version in a few years.

What kind of jewellery will you be looking at in the IIJS? Any new trends you will have your eye on?

Our last purchase was during the “Signature” exhibition. We received about 40% of those orders because Covid hit us. Everyone has a lot of blanks to fill in now because there has been no buying. The next three months will be good because of the upcoming wedding season. January will be tepid, and then the next wedding season will come up, so sales will spike. The season will be good. As most of our customers are wedding oriented, I will look at wedding jewellery at IIJS primarily, and look to fill a few blanks that have been pending for some time.

What is your advice to retailers for the next six months?

IIJS has very good reputation all over the world. A lot of people come. When you talk to them, you will figure out that things are not that bad. August was an encouraging month. I don’t see any problem in sales later. You may not make last year’s turnover, but it is possible to get close. Whatever you make this year is a bonus. So, don’t worry, just go along with your work. Things are bound to get better.

You are soon launching your e-commerce platform. What are your thoughts?

This project has been on my mind for a few years now and is very close to my heart. Like I said, Covid has been a boon to many. For us, it bought time. We utilised the shutdown to work on the website. My sons have put in a lot of toil and hard work into it, and it has come out good. We will proudly launch it soon.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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