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How The Rare Edit makes private previews click in the luxury jewellery industry 



Sheetal Ranka, Co-founder of Rare Jewels by Ranka, says the brand’s IP ‘The Rare Edit’, meant for connoisseurs of luxury, has grown through organic word-of-mouth and social media promotion by attendees, and is now branching out beyond Pune

The Rare Edit, an IP of Rare Jewels by Ranka, has been a successful property, thanks to its power-packed combination of private previews of premium jewellery and in-store pampering, that has managed to impress jewellery connoisseurs. The highlight of each private preview is collaboration with different brands that gives a wholesome experience to the customer, including those who walk in, says Sheetal Ranka, Co-founder, Rare Jewels by Ranka.

The private previews have been instrumental in elevating the brand’s visibility by fostering deeper engagement with existing patrons, who then spread the good word about the bespoke event to potential clients. “The invitees to our previews are typically connoisseurs of luxury, individuals who appreciate the finer things in life and have an astute sense of style and elegance. Their aspirations often revolve around exclusivity, uniqueness and a desire to be ahead of the curve in terms of trends. They value craftsmanship, innovation, and the story behind each piece, making them ideal attendees for such curated events,” Ranka says, adding that gold, diamond, polki and jadau jewellery priced above Rs 1 lakh are shown to customers at The Rare Edit previews. 

There is a symbiotic relationship between jewellery and fashion, which is why participants see avant-garde brands from the fashion industry at these previews. These collaborations foster a space for creative exchange and the birth of trendsetting amalgamations. At the end of the event, post-preview discussions, testimonials and feedback flow through the audience’s networks, organically amplifying the reach.

“Our latest preview had around 150 discerning attendees. The last preview was held in Pune from October 20 to 22, and the current preview is on in Aurangabad from October 27 to 29. Promotion-wise, genuine testimonials from attendees have given great outcomes, whether through intimate conversations or on their personal social media platforms,” Ranka says, adding that the brand’s behind-the-scenes glimpses and content on story-telling excite the audience. “It is the potent combination of organic word-of-mouth and strategic digital promotions that bring in recognition,” she concludes.

Written by Ashwin Bose

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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