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Harit Zaveri Jewellers celebrates the timeless camaraderie between women with Baithak




The collection, which captures the essence of sisterhood and strength among women, speaks of a heritage where women style themselves with great care and pride for momentous occasions

With its ‘Baithak’ (meaning meeting or gathering) collection, Harit Zaveri Jewellers of Ahmedabad captures a tale of timeless beauty and joy, cherishing bonds that live on through generations. It celebrate ancestral heritage with colourful pages of story-telling, music, dance, and various art forms with the all-new collection of antique heritage jewellery. 

Beautifully showcasing a vibrant space of togetherness and the celebration of new beginnings, this story of ‘Baithak’ captures the essence of sisterhood, where women find solace in each other and embody a collective strength. Infectious laughter to whispered secrets are witnessed in these cherished connections, embracing the magical connections between women. The grace and confidence embodied by women is the quintessential inspiration behind the Baithak range of antique jewellery.

“Within the enchanting ambiance of a ‘Baithak’, each piece of jewellery becomes a tangible expression of the customs and rituals that have reverberated through the ages, resonating with the hearts of those who hold them dear. Taking us back in time, this collection connects us to our roots and instills a sense of pride for the rich heritage we belong to!” says Harit Zaveri, Founder, Harit Zaveri Jewellers.


This collection is a symbol of rich cultural heritage where women meticulously style themselves during momentous celebrations infusing the occasion with laughter and joy. Consisting of jewellery handcrafted on 22K gold, this versatile collection has majestic pieces embellished with royal motifs, emeralds, rubies and pearls. Adorning the elaborate ‘hathkaam’(handwork) and intricate detailing on gold, it bestows upon every woman an aura of grace and refinement.

Established in 2014, Harit Zaveri Jewellers (HZJ) is the youngest avatar of a brand with a history that spans generations. Born from the rich heritage of Gujarati jewellers, HZJ has admirably expanded the family’s RBZ brand of gold jewellery manufacturing into the retail space.

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