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Konika Jewellery creates regal campaign featuring trans model



Konika Jewellery creates regal campaign featuring trans model

Beauty has never been just skin-deep. It’s the popular notions that have got us to associating adornment with physical features. If you delve deeper into the soul, you unlock boundless dimensions. That is what Konika Jewellery did with their latest brand recall campaign featuring trans model Meera.

The initial impressions of the campaign look nothing short of regal. We see Meera along with two other models turn back time to 16th-century India, immersed in the personas of three sakhis. Glimpses released on social media show the trio decked up in full bridal jewellery with two distinct photoshoots – one inside a temple and another in a stable. It’s a saga of friendship and exploration of feminine beauty that the campaign underscores with its storytelling.

Talking about the opportunity to break the barriers of beauty, Meera said, “The jewellery that was chosen for each outfit of mine complimented the attires effortlessly and beautifully. They speak volumes of beauty in themselves. I’ll sum it up by saying that this shoot has definitely been a unique experience for me and helped me rediscover beauty in it’s authentic form.”

Talking about the campaign, Tanvi Singhi, marketing head, Konika Jewellery, said, “It was a nice coincidence. A production house approached us with the outline of this campaign featuring a trans personality, which aligned with our own plan of creating a full-fledged campaign that breaks societal norms of beauty once and for all. Supporting the fictional script and its individual backdrops, we provided various types of bridal jewellery. We are still to release various other exciting glimpses of the campaign. The character build-up has inspired us to continue this campaign with a new set up altogether during Diwali.” She added that consumer activities regarding this campaign will continue in full force during Diwali as the next leg of this communication unfurls.

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