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BlueStone steals hearts of millennials by evoking nostalgia through its LoveLike_ campaign



The brand’s intentional choice of retro songs blended well with the aesthetically shot videos of romantic interactions that stirred up an emotional note among young customers

Mumbai: To a millennial, trying to strike a balance between the glorious 90s and the overpowering, tech-centric 2020s is a daunting task. Anything that is nostalgic is music to his ears. Understanding this, BlueStone stirred up a lot of nostalgia, taking the entire millennial generation down memory lane with the LoveLike_ campaign it launched in the run-up to Valentine’s Day.

The social media campaign started with a short reel that teased the audience through a pick-up line written with lipstick on glass. What followed were eight snappy videos that shared different kinds of romance – some funky, some serene. The hook for every video was the choice of music. From Michael Bublé to Ne-Yo, Nelly Furtado, Shaggy and Keanne, the choice of songs became a great nostalgic ride for millennials.

There were two things that stood out for the campaign. One was BlueStone’s intentional choice of retro 2000s songs that created a strong and instant bond with the millennial generation and acquainted many members of the Gen Z generation with classic love songs in English. Secondly, the aesthetically shot videos showed intimate interactions between various couples, with some dancing, some engaged in sweet nothings, some enjoying a lazy ride at night, while some were seen playing goofy with baggy sweatshirts. The videos didn’t feature celebrities or any performance that put a personality in the spotlight. Rather, they demonstrated love in a variety of unspoken forms that elicited a whirlwind of emotions. Some of the videos received as many as 430K views on Instagram within days of being uploaded.  

In a world saturated with grand gestures and extravagant displays of affection, BlueStone’s #LoveLike_ campaign presented a refreshing return to the roots of young love. Talking about the campaign, Harshna Dadu, Head of Marketing, BlueStone, said, “I’m thrilled to introduce our #LoveLike_ campaign, which beautifully pays homage to the iconic relationships portrayed in early 2000s rom-coms. By capturing the essence of those heartwarming narratives, we’re offering viewers an opportunity to relive the rebellious spirit of youth and the magic of first love – a time when every glance sparked butterflies, and each moment held the promise of endless possibility.”

To enrich the unique narrative of this campaign, BlueStone has collaborated with fashion and lifestyle influencer Noopur, so she can add her unique spin to #LoveLike_. As part of the campaign, BlueStone is hosting three exclusive giveaways on Instagram, offering participants the chance to win their coveted jewellery pieces that symbolize the enduring beauty of love.

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