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De Beers Forevermark is the brand that has established the diamond market in India



Saumitra Saraf of Aishpra Gems and Jewels, Uttar Pradesh, talks to Samit Bhatta, ppublisher of The Retail Jeweller India magazine about his expectations from the De Beers Forevermark Forum.

You have been a partner with De Beers for some time now. How has the Forevermark diamonds and the Code of Origin programme performed?

Both programs are great for customer engagement. All promotions that De Beers does is very creative, and customers connect with it. The Code of Origin program is very different. Since Forevermark focuses on diamonds of more than 8 pointers, they filled a gap in the market. They add value as their stones have good lustre and shine when compared to other brands. The inscription is very exciting for the customer. Every collection is well done and the manufacturers are organised.

The De Beers Code of Origin has been promoted very well. We have been hearing a lot about coloured stones from Columbia and Zambia, and we don’t usually know where the stone comes from. De Beers has been able to solve the problem. I find that they can pull off anything that they set their minds to. They have established the diamond market in India and have accomplished a lot here. We have grown with them, so I would like to thank De Beers Forevermark for that.

De Beers Forevermark is celebrating 75 years of its iconic line, “A Diamond is forever.” What are your expectations from the forum this year?

It’s my first time at the forum and I am really looking forward to being there. There will be so many channel partners of De Beers and I will get to meet the entire team of Forevermark. I hear so much about the knowledge sessions, and I am really looking forward to learning a lot from them.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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