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Buyers find diamond ranges aplenty for all occasions at IIJS

Retail Jeweller India



  • Integration of fancy diamonds
  • Innovative manufacturing techniques like electroforming, electro printing and stamping
  • New collection of engagement rings
  • Small portions of diamonds balance gold content in jewellery

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend for countless reasons, one of which is their ability to win hearts on every occasion. The category has really impressed Indian jewellery buyers right from high jewellery, bridal, non-bridal and down to everyday wear. IIJS 2021 is thus offering a varied range of diamond jewellery for all occasions.

In IIJS, Goldstar Elite Jewels (Hall no. 4 and Booth nos: 4T085 l &ll 4T087 l &ll) is focusing on the low to mid-range segment with an integration of fancy diamonds for a special touch. Using innovative techniques like electroforming and stamping, they have also launched a new collection of engagement rings especially for IIJS, as this segment is gearing up alongside the modern Mangalsutras that are a big demand this season.

Yuriko Menon, Chief Executive Officer, Goldstar Elite Jewels, said, “Diamonds have always had their special place. But yes, they are finding their way into the just gold segment and the consumer prefers at least a sprinkle of diamonds for the twinkle in their jewellery. As light weight but a big look is the way ahead, we have a special collection with the electroforming technique and have introduced fresh collections in the mid-higher segment using enamel, electro printing and other techniques too.”

According to Amit Bhatia from Jewel House, they specialise in diamond bangles ranging from 1.5 carat to 15 carat a pair and they have been mastering the art of making bangles of all genres since last 10 years.

Amit Bhatia, Regional Sales Head, North, Jewel House (Booth nos: 4U087 I, 4U085 I) said, “Although we make all types of diamond jewellery, we have concentrated more on a 2 carat to 5 CTS bangle pair for IIJS 2021. With gold becoming dearer, the diamond sales have significantly increased. Hence, very thoughtfully, we have made a collection of bangles wherein the diamonds take a small portion i.e. 10% to 15% of the total value of the product and the balance is gold. The retailers are thereby able to convert their gold buyers into diamond buyers.”

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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