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Bridal gold jewellery undergoes tech innovation for the grand experience

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  • Lightweight bridal jewellery sets
  • More than 20 technologies used to create unique bridal gold sets
  • Italian elements to attract the millennial brides
  • Jewellery collection inspired from Indian traditional dance forms
  • Collections are completely based on the design concepts
  • Electro foaming technology for lightweight products

As part of their Stay Ahead campaign, reputed gold jewellery manufacturer Emerald Jewel Industry (Booth no: 3N0191) has launched several lightweight bridal jewellery sets at IIJS. These sets are more affordable and give value for money.

Image Caption-Emerald

Emerald is a hub of technology and have used more than 20 technologies, which include laser cutting, hollow tubing, electro foaming, etc to create unique bridal gold sets. They are creating bridal jewellery which looks attractive to the eye at a lesser price.

Akash Talesara, Design Head, Emerald said, “Keeping in mind the gold rate fluctuations, we are trying to break the monotony by adding some unique features, such as Italian elements, to attract the millennial brides. The new-age brides look for fresh ideas and approach, and thus it’s important to give something unique to the current customer base. This time, we  have also used the technique of shanmeena, which is a traditional way of doing the enamel work and fusing it to give an Indo-Western look.”

There are a lot of interesting findings such as polo findings that Emerald has used to make the piece much more comfortable for a bride to wear.

In the bridal category, another major collection that EJI ld have launched is Natya collection, which takes inspiration from Indian traditional dance forms. In Natya collection, EjI used more than 25 different Indian dance forms to make handcrafted bridal jewellery and give the flair of Indian traditions.

Another manufacturer, Mehta Gold (Booth nos.: 3N013 I, 3N013 II, 3M014, 3N015 I, 3N015 II, 3M016) is displaying temple jewellery collections in bridal jewellery category in IIJS. The jewellery starts from 80 gram to 200 gram sets, which include chokers, harams, mangtika, bajubandh, etc.

Sandeep Mehta, Director, Mehta Gold said, “This time, the collections are completely based on the design concepts and the products are made more lightweight using electro foaming technology. The jewellery is designed in such a way that a 70 gram product gives the look and feel of a 100 gram product.”

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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