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Cocktail rings becoming popular with new-age brides



  • Rose cut and heavy look finish
  • Weight around 25-30 grams
  • Price between Rs 50,000 to Rs 4 lakhs
  • Majority demand comes from North India

Cocktail rings are a part and parcel of the look of the new-age bold bride. They stand for individuality and elegance of the woman distinct from the bridal appearance and thus, is a rage. Satisfying that demand is Achal  Jewels (Booth No 4U087 II, 4V088 II, 4V088 I, 4U085 II, 4V086 II, 4V0861 I) which is displaying big cocktail rings with rose cut and heavy look finish weighing around 25-30 grams in IIJS.

 The cocktail rings have a big polki at the centre. The rings are priced between Rs 50,000-Rs 4 lakhs. According to Achal Jewels, there is a demand for all kinds of jewellery which has some connection with bridal look. “The demand for cocktail rings are increasing day by day as customers who previously used to wear 2 or 3 rings during weddings, now prefer to wear a big ring and that’s how cocktail rings gains its popularity,” said Vikas Mehta, Achal Jewels.

The majority of the demand for cocktail rings comes from North India. Customers below 35 years old prefer to wear cocktail rings.

Rambhajo’s (Booth No 2H064 1-2, 2H066 1-2) are also displaying cocktail rings from Rs 50000 to Rs 300000. The demand for Cocktail rings is huge, because with the ease of Covid-19 restrictions, the events have started happening. The new-age brides are modern in their overall outlook and so, they wish their jewellery accessories too to be in that fashion amongst which one is cocktail ring. The market is ripe with demand for such kind of jewellery, for which manufacturers are witnessing a high demand of cocktail rings from buyers.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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