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Bridal Trendsetters 2021 signifies Bridal jewellery key to retail success in the post-covid era



The Bridal Trendsetters 2021, presented by Fura and Malabar, and organized by The Retail Jeweller, brought together select group of manufacturers specializing in contemporary bridal gemstone jewellery. The platform underscores the growing importance of the bridal segment, even as it gains unusual importance in the post-covid environment as the indulgence-led jewellery purchase takes a beating. 

Of late, the country has stood witness to various forms of cultural amalgamation such as Punjabis becoming fond of temple jewellery and South Indians sporting polki sets with élan at their marriage ceremonies. Such revolution has opened up new opportunities for the heritage jewellery from Jaipur across India.

Not surprisingly, The Bridal Trendsetters 2021 show on August 18 got a resounding response from the retailers who assembled to witness the unveiling of the handpicked collections from select manufacturers including Mohanlal Narayandas Jeweller, Radhika Jewels , Rambhajo and Gem Plaza.

Diamond jeweller Abhishek Zaveri praised The Retail Jeweller for innovation in the show’s concept. “The presentation and conceptualization of the show were lovely. Also, the pieces presented were very trendy and would surely impact the market in the upcoming season,” he said.

Praising the overall quality of the JAS 2021 show, Rachna Sanghee from Shree Sai Krishna Jewellers, Hyderabad, said “The pairing of the fashion and jewellery were so beautiful, that  it actually surprised the audience. The synchronisation between the models, their performance and the song selection really hooked us,” Sanghee said.

Manufacturer Vikas Mehta of Achal Jewels stated that the show had an unprecedented ambience in Jaipur. “Apart from the new designs and concepts showcased, the overarching idea of giving a fashionable platform to bridal jewellery is very unique. All participants loved it,” said Gupta.  

Suresh Dhaddha of Gem Plaza believes that every manufacturer at the debut Bridal Trendsetters 2021 exhibited inventory which was created after thorough international market research. “Bringing western trends in Indian bridal trousseau was a masterstroke at the show,” Dhaddha maintained.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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