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Bhima Jewellers redefines diamonds for men through impressive animated ads



Bhima Jewellers aninamed ad campaign

As pandemic associates jewellery with meaningful gifting, various retail brands are reinventing the way they promote jewellery. It’s more about emotional attachments and less about luxury. One fine example has been set by Bhima Jewellers with their new array of short animated advertisements on social media.

There are nine such minutes-long advertisements by the UAE wing of Bhima Jewellers that appeal to different bonds such as friendship, parenthood, sisterhood and the obvious spousal relationship. Two advertisements stand out among the group. One talks about how a son excelling in any particular field such as sports or academia can be rewarded with diamond jewellery.

Another video shows how children can thank their fathers for the hardships they have faced in securing a good future for themselves through diamond rings on their birthdays. This approach is totally different than the way any brand has ever promoted luxurious men’s jewellery. Instead of focusing on elitism, Bhima is showing a narrative that explores the softer facades of masculinity.

Men in almost all part of the world have been raised with different value systems than women, which go on to shape their attitudes, responsibilities and expectations from society. Apart from the usual notions of cherishing women with jewellery, Bhima also floats the concept of treasuring the contributions of men in family not just through gadgetry, clothing, and automobile but through jewellery of all high-value purchases.

Explaining the mindset behind the advertisement is Rajesh Kondath, Senior Manager – Retail and Purchase, Bhima, UAE. “When we think of diamonds, we normally associate them with women. However, diamonds make a unique and special gift for men too. To make someone feel truly loved and appreciated, diamond jewellery surprises men more than usual gifts of bags and belts.It is also a safe investment,” said Kondath.

The animated ad campaign is targeted to people of all age groups in The UAE and is specifically meant for generating awareness about diamond jewellery for men. Through this strong message, Bhima is diversifying its jewellery inventory with diamond instead of only gold in the past. Such narratives have the potential to change the way men perceive jewellery. This works as a good example for retail brands in India who are increasing their inventory for men’s jewellery across all age groups.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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