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Darshanaa Sanjanaa Jewellers witness fashion revamp via stackable gold, diamond



If you want your jewellery to flow with you, you should go for the rage of stackable ranges that is currently flooding the Indian market. Diamond has been a common segment to blend with this trend with their scintillating looks, but gold jewellery has been faring phenomenally with this style quotient. Take it from Darshana Aswani, chief jewellery designer, Darshanaa Sanjanaa Jewellers, Mumbai, who thinks gold is doing very well with stackables of late.

Buyers are moving away from buying jewellery to keep inside lockers, said Aswani. “People are buying gold jewellery that are usable and light; something they can wear more frequently. Stackables are performing well in 22K gold today. We’ve been having stackable gold jewellery since 7-8 years, but the demand has picked up in the last 2.5 years,” she said.

Rather than buying one heavy jewellery piece, people are preferring to fluidity of multiple pieces stacked on their neckline and on wrists as bracelets. “This is also proving to be economical than buying one piece of jewellery confined for occasional wearing,” Aswani remarked.

Temple jewellery, traditional gold jewellery and diamond jewellery make up for the rest of the inventory of the brand. However, stackable ranges in gold and diamond have been contributing to about 60% of their annual sales. Demand is outpouring for layeredrings, necklaces and bracelets that give a lot more dynamic look and provide liberty for customization with both Indian and western outfits. The brand also has its manufacturing setup in Mumbai.

Surprisingly, it’s not just the 25-35 age group that is rooting for stackables, said Aswani, whose brand has one retail door each for gold and diamond jewellery situated opposite each other in Bandra, Mumbai. “We have orders from women aged 50 years and above for stackable bracelets. Stackable jewellery for gold starts from Rs 18,000, while that for diamond can reach up to Rs 2 lakh,” she said, suggesting that buyers get a wide range that can suit different requirements such as gifting or self-purchase.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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