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AVR Swarnmahal relates with customers’ sunshine through dainty Zodiac collection



AVR Swarnmahal launch ZOdiac collection

A jeweller hits the bull’s eye every time s/he creates a collection that relates with the target audience personally. That is a tough feat to achieve, given the fact that jewellery is a symbol of luxury. However, AVR Swarnamahal has launched a collection recently that relates to every customer with their sunshine.

The zodiac collection by the brand has effortlessly touched on an age-old discipline of horoscope expanded to 12 unique birth months. Veering away from run-of-the-mill campaigns, the brand has associated a common practice in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Karnataka, said brand director Siddhanth AVR. “Personalities differ with sunshines. An Aquarius would go for a subtle design, while a Capricorn will go for a more active and energetic piece of jewellery. With the Zodiac collection of lightweight diamond jewellery starting from Rs 6000 onwards, we are breaking the ice of relationship with our customers,” he said.

Since everyone associates with a sunshine, the brand has been receiving queries from different people seeking guidance on what kind of jewellery should they buy. Interestingly, the brand has tried to incorporate the geometrical pattern of constellations of each sunshine to enhance the wow factor. The brand is enjoying feedback from a broad age bracket of 15-50 years, with most of them being women. “We are a conglomerate with a strong base in tier2 and 3 cities. We are witnessing good conversion rates therein,” said Siddhanth.

AVR Swarnmahal Jewellers

The brand director explained how the popularity of zodiac knowledge in these three states have set the foundation for the collection. “People here associate birth months and sunshine with rubies, emeralds and other stones. Thus, we decided to translate that societal practice into trendy diamond jewellery for better acceptance,” Siddhanth maintained.

Although the brand had the collection before, it is the fresh thought process and timely execution that is bringing all the positive responses across social media now. Such feedback has encouraged the brand to expand the Zodiac collection with the next phase of jewellery pieces to be launched soon. 

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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