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Antara Jewellery’s 3rd edition of Diamond Diva campaign inspires every woman to feel like a diva 



Antara Jewellery’s 3rd edition of Diamond Diva campaign inspires every woman to feel like a diva 

This campaign, renewed each year  continues to build the story of the empowered woman of today, witnesses 100% increase in inquiries

Mumbai: Showcasing a new jewellery collection can be much more effective when there is a compelling story behind it. Antara Jewellery has embraced this strategy by attaching a unique theme to its Diamond Diva’s collection each year for the past three years. This year, the theme for the collection is “A diva is as a diva feels”, and through this theme, the brand highlights the importance of self-expression and confidence.  

This theme, portrayed through a video campaign, not only promotes the collection creatively but also resonates with the audience, making a statement of identity and empowerment. Promoted digitally and offline, the Diamond Diva  jewellery collection, which is renewed each year during the months of April, May or June, follows a storyline that is woven to connect with the customers, who are made to feel like divas when wearing the brand’s jewellery. 

Tejas Nagda, Business Development Head, Antara Jewellery said, “For us, a diva can be anyone – a corporate woman, a plus-size model, an older lady – anyone who has faced and overcome challenges. Our message is that beauty has no boundaries, and every woman is a diva.” 

This collection, available at the brand’s stores, features natural diamonds, gold, and lightweight polki, suitable for dailywear rather than bridal jewellery. The brand has observed a strong demand for such jewellery among younger generations and corporate women who are increasingly interested in delicate, fine jewellery. With the affordability factor playing an important role, customers are confident about sporting precious jewellery. 


Each theme is relevant and trending and with the current tone, the brand aims to showcase how every woman is a diva in her own right. While this term is popularly associated with a glamourous appeal, the brand’s idea is to enable all women to feel like divas, irrespective of their age or profession. 

This campaign also sends out the message that the brand’s jewellery has a diverse audience, that includes women across different age groups and there is no specific target audience that the brand caters to. The campaign reel itself, which features three women from different backgrounds and life stages, speaks about how women should be confident in their own skin, regardless of how much they are yet to achieve, what the world sees them or what one’s age may be. 

In the last three years, Diamond Diva has seen two campaigns, with the inaugural campaign titled ‘Shining Bright’ and the next one called ‘Shining Together’. 

“Last year, the theme ‘Shining Together’ focused on how women can uplift each other, whether in the workplace or in any other scenario or space. Contrary to the stereotype that women can’t support each other, we highlighted that women do help each other grow,” explained Nagda. 

After an increased interest in the Diamond Diva collection from the customers since its inception, the brand plans to continue adding new designs each year to the collection and promote it accordingly. “There’s been about a 100% increase in inquiries. If we used to get 10 inquiries a day, we now get 20 inquiries a day after the collection campaign,” added Nagda. 

Written by Aparna Bhowmick 

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive 

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