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City Gold and Diamonds’ ‘Bride In You – Bridal Jewellery fest’ invites customers to launch the bridal collection 



City Gold and Diamonds’ ‘Bride In You – Bridal Jewellery fest’ invites customers to launch the bridal collection 

The multi-store event is inviting newlyweds as a gesture valuing their loyalty, in turn influencing many new brides-to-be who are still exploring bridal jewellery for their big day. 

Kasaragod: Many consumers in the southern states also planning their bridal jewellery purchase well in advance and in parts of South India, the wedding season is still going strong. Sieizing this opportunity, City Gold and Diamonds has organised the ‘Bride in You – Bridal Jewellery Fest’ across all its showrooms that started on May 10 and will go on till June 30.  

The fest was launched catering to brides-to-be seeking trendy bridal collection and hence, they introduced several new bridal collections under bridal jewellery such as  Elaris, Onora, Miorah, Ruhi, and Diyan.

Mohammed Dilshad, Director, City Gold and Diamonds said, “The campaign kickstarted with the brand inviting newly married couples from their long-time and loyal customer base to the Kasargod showroom to unveil the collection in the presence of the other guests. We have seen a 20-25% increase in sales since the collections were launched. At the start of the event, the campaign logo was unveiled, inviting the guests and customers of the brand to explore the new collections.”  

The brand is making the most out of this fest to engage with its customer base of couples, especially newly-weds and brides and grooms-to-be. Hence, it is inviting different couples daily from its list of clients to try out the jewellery at its stores. This sort of engagement can also be seen as a trust-building activity between the brand and its younger customers, who are still exploring its products. The most recent event was at the Mangalore branch after it took place at the Puttur store. The event also resulted in a 20% increase in footfalls in the Kasargod and Mangalore showrooms.


The bridal jewellery campaign is full-scale initiative that the brand wants to promote across all its store to ensure maximum reach and impact. “The main collection launch took place at the Kasargod showroom; however, we will be inviting our clients to our other showrooms in Mangalore, Puttur (Dakshina Kannada district), Uppala and Cheruvathur until the end of this campaign,”, added Dilshad.   

While the jewellery brand is certainly keen on using its social media to showcase the initiative and promote the collections and campaign, it also believes in the more traditional and effective word-of-mouth publicity, where customers can directly relay their experience to others.   

“They feel valued and remain loyal to us because of how we treat them. Word-of-mouth marketing is very effective; when they meet other people, they speak positively about our brand, multiplying our reach 10 times”, he further explained.   

The brand has taken note of how well the campaign has fared and is looking into making this an annual event. With the Bride in You campaign being the first season of the initiative, the jeweller is planning a ‘Be the Jewel’ campaign for the upcoming wedding season in December.

Dilshad said, “People from different areas have visited us, inspired by our social media presence. For example, we had customers from Malappuram and Palakkad, 300-400 kilometers away. Despite having other brands closer to them they chose to travel to us because of this campaign,.” Dilshad said. 

Written by Aparna Bhowmick  

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