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Anmol Jewellers creates fresh intrigue around its Bijouterie Lounge with reel saying ‘Yahaan aana mana hai’




The ‘hidden’ lounge created two years ago caters to high-end consumers and houses the brand’s most exquisite jewellery. The jeweller promoted it recently by creating an element of curiosity around it to stoke the interest of customers

Mumbai: It’s an intriguing moment when one sees an Instagram reel from a leading jewellery brand where the gate-keeper tells the videographer “Yahaan aana mana hai” and asks him to stop recording. The camera pans to Ishu Datwani, Founder of Anmol Jewellers, who explains what the brand has been ‘hiding’ for more than a year now – its exclusive Bijouterie Lounge, where access is limited.

“Our Bijouterie Lounge is where we keep the most exquisite jewellery of Anmol and we literally hide it. It’s not accessible to just about anybody. We usually work with appointments. The design element is of the highest calibre. The workmanship is of international standards. If you are a bride or a discerning customer, you know where to go,” Datwani is seen as saying in the reel.


Ever since Anmol Jewellers revamped the brand in 2021, it endeavoured to pamper its valued customers with a lounge meant to remain a class apart from the brand’s competition. According to Anmol, the Bijouterie Lounge is a place where a buyer gets a reflection of their own personality and style.

Since its introduction, the Bijouterie Lounge has been getting a positive response from customers. It caters to high-end customers, offering a diverse range of exquisite jewellery, including rare gemstones, custom-designed pieces and a wholesome jewellery shopping experience. To ensure a luxurious and unique shopping experience, the Bijouterie Lounge serves clients by appointment only. However, invitations may be extended for special occasions and exclusive previews.

“Bijouterie stands out from other jewellery lounges by displaying unique, one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces. We have our expert jewellery consultants to guide customers on their journey to finding the perfect piece of jewellery. Our consultants are knowledgeable and experienced in the jewellery industry and are passionate about helping our customers find exactly what they are looking for,” Datwani says.

Talking about curating an intimate atmosphere and tailored shopping experience inside the Bijouterie Lounge, Datwani says that the experience provided inside the lounge is heartfelt, which adds to the significant investment every patron makes while buying their favourite jewellery.“At Bijouterie, we believe that every piece of jewellery tells a story. That’s why we offer a range of customization options, from engraving to bespoke designs,” concludes Datwani.

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