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Amayra Jewellery serenades its connoisseurs with the choicest of gemstones in a glittering boutique



Minimalist, sleek, chic, boho — words that generally resonate with the prominent customer pool of today. The young generation, that generally veers away from jewellery, only get driven towards it when the designs are modern, something that they can wear everyday, to work and to parties. This is the mantra that has driven a Amayra jewellery from New Delhi to function.

A completely family-owned business, Mr. Rajendra Bagrecha set the foundation stones of the company, which has a long history. Sanjay Bagrecha, Rajendra Bagrecha’s son, took over the reins and diversified from precious gems trade to jewellery production with a simple yet extraordinary vision: “Jewelry for the soul, from the soul.” Ever since, they have carved out a niche for themselves and gained competence in jewellery-making techniques over the course of 49 years.

What makes them different?

Since its inception in 2010, the brand Amayra diamonds and gemstones has been crafting masterpieces one after another utilising only the highest quality diamonds and gemstones. In addition to offering handcrafted jewellery to shops and customers, the company also handles its sales through channel partners and flawless services around the world. Complementary precious stones are brought in from all around the world and blended together to create timeless pieces for a specific design. Amayra combines a wide range of popular gems, both current and stylish as well as traditional and ethnic, with high standards of virtue and administration.

The pieces boast of the highest standards of diamonds, sprinkled with precious gemstones, emeralds being a favourite.

In Greek, the word ‘AMAYRA’ means ‘eternally beautiful.’ Natural grandeur inspires the name, which also has a creative sense and a high level of elegance. The name creates jewellery with a modern design ethos and fine craftsmanship based on a long history. Timeless while still being relevant to a new generation. For the modern woman, an unorthodox approach to beautiful jewellery.

All things modern and beautiful

One look at Amayra Jewellery’s emerald and diamond collection would be enough to floor even the pickiest of buyers. The jeweller has something for everyone — from the working woman to the traditional bride. The store stocks small-ticket trinkets in minimalist and modern designs for the millennial, who loves her pieces to be worn in different ways. That brings the avid shopper to Amayra’s customizable jewellery. The jeweller does amazing customizations in unique ways, using original and high-quality coloured stones.

Amayra’s range of cocktail jewellery are stunners. Each piece has something unique about it. The jeweller has a jeweller for every occasion, in all categories, and even daily wear pieces. Its luxurious and modern. The unique selling point, one can easily say, is the fact that they use mostly Zambian emeralds and Burmese rubies of the best kind. Columbian emerald enthusiasts will not be disappointed either.

So, as a jewellery enthusiast, what does one look for in Amayra’s collections? The Blue Wing Sparkle collection, Aurora collection in colourful rubies and emeralds and the Enchante Emeralds in diamonds and emeralds.

Branching out soon?

According to Sanjay Bagrecha, the director and design head, Amayra does not have a muli-store target. “We are aboutique jewellery store. Not a mass shop. We attend to everyone individually and customise what our customers what to all extent. Our emerald collection has been flying off the shelves. We are getting clients from the Middle East and USA too.”

Does the jeweller want to branch out? Another store, or maybe a bigger one is aready on their minds. Bagrecha feels that tier-2 cities are doing really well now, so towns markets like Hyderabad, Kanpur, Luckmow and Indore are on their list of where to branch out next.

Marketing plans

“We think colour stones are going to do well. People are trusting them now and buying good quality stones as investments when compared to diamonds. The appreciation values ismore for rubies, sapphires and tanzanites,” said Bagrecha.

How about online sales? Bagrecha is quick to quip that the sales have been through the roof. People have come on a Zoom call and bought big ticket items from the jeweller without a hitch, which surprised them too. “Online has opened up new avenues. New customers have come to us, and we have been able to convert them into loyalists. It has truly been a blessing for us.”

Amayra has participated in several prominent international jewellery exhibits across the world, including those in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain, to mention a few. The brand is synonymous with quality and delivers world-class service.

Throughout the process, Amayra has maintained its clients’ confidence and exceeded their expectations. Amayra Jewellery intends to enter the Indian Gems & Jewellery Market as a significant and outstanding contributor soon, based on its documented substance. The Bagrecha family has ambitious goals for Amayra Jewellery, including a pan-India presence with both retail outlet showrooms and manufacturing operations.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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