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With Vadhuvu Bridal Series, Suvarnam Jewels offers day-long in-store experience for bride-to-be and her family



The activity was announced in the last week of February and will continue up to the end of May, covering the entire season of weddings in South India

Hyderabad: Every bride-to-be loves to be pampered by her family and at every touchpoint that deals with bridal shopping. Since jewellery shopping is a time-consuming affair, and most brides remain stretched for time, Suvarnam Jewels of Hyderabad came up with the perfect solution through their latest activity titled ‘Vadhuvu: The Bridal Series’. 

Vadhuvu involves a day-long luxury experience for not only the bride-to-be, but also for her family, in which the jeweller invites the family to their flagship store in Hyderabad. The activity starts after the bride shares her tentative wedding date, post which the family is invited. The day starts with a pick-up facility at the doorstep of the bride to bring her to the showroom, where she is given a complete make-over including make-up, attire and jewellery to give her the closest possible look of her wedding day. The attire, jewellery and all allied services are taken care of by the brand for the complete delight of the customer. 

“Once the customer is satisfied with the overall look we create, she can move on to the shopping experience. This gives the entire family complete confidence about how the bride will look on her D-day. We also organize lunch for the family so that they can dedicate their time to appreciating the jewellery on display,” said Hema Nahar, Founder, Suvarnam Jewels. “There is no need for the family to go to a restaurant within that time frame.” 

The activity was announced in the last week of February and will continue up to the end of May, thus covering the entire season of weddings in South India. Talking about markets of interest, Nahar mentioned Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Vijaywada, Tirupati, Telangana, and Mumbai too, especially for the Telugu community. “For buyers coming from out of town, the brand will provide hotel arrangements,” she added.

Reaching out to the existing customer database of Suvarnam Jewels and social media networking have worked great for the brand, in sending ‘Vaduvu’ offers to prospective clients. Talking about the jewellery, Nahar said, “Enquiries have started coming in because of the reputation Suvarnam Jewels enjoys in the market as a specialist in bridal jewellery. Vadhuvu comprises lightweight bridal jewellery, with 85% of the jewellery composed of gold, 10% in diamond, and the rest in colour gemstones. We also sell pure diamond bridal jewellery and are open to customization.”

Notably, Suvarnam Jewels also created an interesting activity during Valentine’s Day. Tapping into an increasing community of couples who live in different cities due to various personal and professional commitments, the brand came up with surprise gifts that could be ordered by partners for one another, which would be delivered by Suvarnam Jewels in the cities specified. These were budget-friendly gifts starting from Rs 5,000-6,000 and went viral amongst the IT community and college-goers, getting powerful mileage from Hyderabad and Bengaluru. 

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