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We can inscribe 550,000 diamonds and grade 350,000 diamonds per annum



Amitabha Das – Head Operations, IIDGR, Surat, in his presentation, spoke about IIDGR’s focus on the trust factor and authenticity.

At Retail Jeweller India Forum 2018, in his presentation, he discussed how the diamond world is in continuous threat of improper trading of, diamond simulants, diamond synthetics, treated diamonds. “There is a need to increase consumer awareness and confidence in today’s market,” said Das.

He also mentioned that each and every polished diamond received at IIDGR goes through the detection procedure for treated /simulants /synthetics using De Beers latest verification instruments.

Elaborating more on its detection procedure, IIDGR displayed its state-of-the-art equipment such as AMS2, SYNTHdetect and Diamond Plus that can easily detect synthetics in jewellery and stones. Inscription technology of De Beers is 1/5000th of the thickness of human hair and is invisible to naked eye, said he. The different training courses on diamond foundation, 4Cs workshops, synthetic detection and polished diamond grading were also highlighted.

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