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Venus Jewel will conduct its first “PDS @ Show” at JCK Las Vegas Show 2022



PDS (Preferred Diamond Selection) is Venus Jewel’s daily online auction of new diamonds. At Las Vegas, it will take place at their booth # 7059 from 10th June to 12th June 2022 and the results will be declared on the morning of 13th June. The bidding is open to everyone.

What is unique about PDS @ Show & how it works? Preferred Diamond Selection (PDS) auctions are our diamond’s first introduction to our global customer base. Here, diamonds new to Venus Jewel’s inventory are put up for bidding on our website www.venusjewel.com and mobile app. All existing and new customers can bid. Registered users can place bids online while new customers can place their bids by visiting our booth#7059.

How is PDS @ Show different from other bidding/auctions?

  • Registered and new customers can participate.
  • Customers can place single, sealed bids above the given price with complete secrecy.
  • Unlike other auctions & bids you have the option of physically viewing the diamond at their booth and then place a bid for it online.
  • The winner of every bid will own our beautiful diamond for the amount of the second highest bid.

What is the Date & Time of PDS (@ Vegas)?

PDS (bidding) begins on Friday 10th – 9.30 AM (Las Vegas time).

PDS (bidding) closes and the winners are emailed the results on

Monday 13th – 9.30 AM (Las Vegas time).

“With the success of existing PDS auction on our website, we decided to offer this same feature at the JCK show where customers can view the diamond before placing the final bid for every diamond of their choice. We noticed that people are always hesitant to bid expensive products online. That one look or feel of the product before placing a bid really helps. This makes our customers 100% confident. When we have nothing to hide & everything is transparent, we gain our customer’s trust which is most important to us. And this is how we do our business.” says – Rajesh Shah, Partner, Venus Jewel.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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