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Greenlab grows the world’s largest lab-made polished diamond



Greenlab grows the world’s largest lab-made polished diamond

Greenlab Diamonds, which has been at the forefront of lab-grown diamond production and aspires to create sustainable and affordable luxury, has added another feather, rather a jewel, to its hat. The Surat-based company has created a diamond weighing over 27 carats, making it the world’s largest lab-grown polished diamond.

Using its expertise and advanced techniques, Greenlab Diamonds has created a marquise step-cut diamond of 27.27 carats, the world’s largest lab-grown polished diamond. The diamond has been named Om and is a part of a three-diamond collection.

The second diamond in the collection is Namah, a pear rose-cut 15.16-carat beautifully polished diamond.

“Together, both Om and Namah are the world’s largest lab-grown polished diamonds with absolutely no colour enhancement. In other words, they are as grown. The third diamond of the unique collection is Shivaya, a 20.24-carat emerald cut masterpiece exuding charm and elegance. We will be showcasing this unique collection before the world at the upcoming JCK Las Vegas show from June 10 to 13,” says Sanket Patel, partner at Greenlab Diamonds, adding that Om Namah Shivaya is just the beginning and much better and bigger things are in store.

The lab-grown diamond technology has seen significant advancements in recent years, but Greenlab’s workmanship and skill make its lab-grown diamonds stand out. Each of its diamonds is the result of an unwavering commitment to creating the highest quality diamonds in the world and making them accessible to everyone.

“We are new-age farmers who grow high-quality diamonds to establish worldwide quality standards. We are also sculptors as we cut and polish the cultivated diamonds. And in the same vein, we are creators as we design dazzling jewellery that exceeds expectations. As lab-grown diamonds become increasingly popular, we are dedicated to raising the bar with better quality, better sustainability, and ultimately, better diamonds,” says Mukesh Patel, Chairman, Greenlab Diamonds.

Courtesy: Zee News

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