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Sona Chandi Jewellers Surpass the variety game in Haldwani



At the gateway of the Kumaon region, lies an embodiment of grandeur in brick and mortar, the Sona Chandi flagship jewellery store at Haldwani. While the facade might wear a veil of vintage European classicism, but beneath it is a citadel conceptualised to satiate a spectrum of Indian sensibilities. Backed by a 30-year long history, the brand philosophy, in the words of the Managing Director, Nakul Bansal, ‘is to cater to each individual, be it a highly aware customer or someone who isn’t exposed but has good taste. It is also endeavour to bring an unimaginable diversity under one roof for seekers within a 50-km radius and around.”

1.            An Experience to Encounter

This isn’t your all flashy and no soul kind of an ambience.  From colossal chandeliers at the entrance to the mesmerising ones inside alongside gorgeous floors, furnishings and furniture, the store spells opulence with style amalgamated with art. Adorned with pictures of world famous diamonds and designs, Khajuraho fashioned sculptures, hand-picked carpets and artefacts, it’s a place to absorb the beauty and then self-inspire your choices.

2.            Multi-fold Satisfaction

Whatever the budget, the best deal awaits. “Each piece is a token of trust of purity, quality and origin of the jewellery bought,” points out Bansal. One can ask for 100 percent IGI certified jewellery, BIS hallmarked pieces and in-house stamp of quality checks. Even the pricing, so instead of loyalty programmes that hinge on future, one gets immediate gratification with a price that is difficult to beat.

3.            A Ravishing Repertoire 

At Haldwani, the well-travelled seeks something innovative while those with an indigenous background stick to conventional stuff. Hence come a battery of suppliers for authenticity. The entire inventory is available on ipads including one’s recent browsing data. Select from polkis from Jaipur, Hyderabadi temple art jewellery, antique kundan jewellery from Ahmadabad, diamond jewellery from Mumbai and Jaipur and obviously some stunning in-house collections and regional Kumaoni jewellery. Headed by Anamika Bansal, a team of designers have crafted a line of Kumaoni jewellery with fusions of kundans and polkis as well. The 9-5 and everyday wear collections are also incredibly upbeat.

4.            Bride’s Bijoux

One no longer needs to step out of the area for a full-fledged bridal jewellery experience. While images of Gods and goddesses bring in the auspiciousness, a jewellery stylist assists bespoke customisations running on to matching of stone colours, size and types of jewellery with various bridal outfits. Overall, you get all that you need!

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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