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This year’s De Beers forum is expected to be exceptionally good considering that, “A Diamond is Forever” is celebrating 75 years



Mr Prashant Sheth, S L Sheth Jewellers, Mangalore, speaks to Samit Bhatta, Publisher, of The Retail Jeweller India magazine, about his expectations at the De Beers Forevermark Forum

  1. You have been working with De Beers jewellery programs for the last 5 years in India. How are the programs contributing to your showrooms?

•In my opinion, Forevermark is a niche brand which provides high-quality diamonds that are different from the others. The luster of their diamonds is top-notch and their DEF-coloured diamonds give excellent shape to the jewellery resulting in being the main attraction of the set.  De Beers takes care of its products as no other brand does. It delivers in such a way that gives hundred per cent satisfaction to the customers and no complaints are filed against the brand. The sales are skyrocketing and De Beers has successfully managed to create a loyal customer base in India. Now when it comes to their diamond collections, new innovative designs are created by every passing year with utmost research and extensive market analysis. The collections are highly accepted and widely adored by the customers on a global level which has increased the sales on a high scale. In the last 8 to 10 years, Forevermark has become very popular in India with reference to the global demographics.

  • You have been attending the forum for the last 4 years, what are your expectations from this year’s forum?

• Like every year, there will be motivational speakers who will talk about the upcoming trends and their relevance in our industry. Important discussions on trade, connecting with fellow jewellers and the future of Forevermark is something that I’m very much looking forward to. But being in the 75th year of the business, De Beers is expected to deliver better than ever.Big-time players like Sachin Jain and Amit Pratihari have been taking the brand forward in the most exemplary way and I hope that this remains to be the case forever.

  • Where do you see the growth of De Beers Forevermark jewellery in this financial year compared to the last?

•  After the pandemic, Forevermark sales sky-rocketed universally even though the diamond prices went up by 25-30 %. Due to the strengthening of the supply chain, diamond sales have gone up by a lot which has benefited the Indian jewellery industry vehemently.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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