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Diamonds and De Beers are linked as a composite whole in the consumer’s mind




Suvankar Sen, Owner of Senco Gold and Diamonds, has been an industry leader in the eastern part of the country. As De Beers Forevermark partners for seven years, he tells Samit Bhatta, Publisher, The Retail Jeweller India magazine, about his expectations from the De Beers Forevermark Forum this year.

You have been a partner with De Beers for seven years now. How has the Forevermark diamonds and the Code of Origin programme performed?

We are very proud to have De Beers as a partner in the various Senco stores that they have been in. What really drives the sales and consumers’ interest in having a Forevermark and the Code of Origin category is the fact that these are certified diamonds and that it is helping us tell a story. While Senco has a rich legacy when it comes to their craftsmanship, at the same time, what matters is the raw material. Where has it come from? What’s the sourcing like? How conscious are we of the fact that the diamond that we provide our customers with are of a particular quality and standard and has taken care of not only the materialistic demands but also the environmental factor? That story we tell the consumers gives them happiness and confidence in buying the product. This is what makes the partnership very exciting.

De Beers Forevermark is celebrating 75 years of its iconic line, “A Diamond is forever.” What has been the impact of De Beers in the eastern part of India, and what are your expectations from the forum this year?

We cannot take away the reality that consumers feel De Beers is one of the leading providers of diamonds. Diamonds and De Beers are linked from the time of Nakshatra and DTC, and people still relate to it and the fact is ingrained in their minds. We look at De Beers as one of the leaders in the industry. At a time when there is so much volatility and uncertainty happening all over the world, with so much disruption at the consumer and the supply chain level, it is important or industry leaders to show us the light.  As a member of the industry, we look up to De Beers to show us the right path in doing business and keeping the consumer interested. While De Beers Forevermark and the Code of Origin should be celebrated, the diamond industry should learn how to move ahead in the future. That is my expectation from the forum.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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