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Influencer collaborations help Sham Jewellers increase visibility in Punjab



Influencer activity by Sham Jewellers

Collaborations are one of the most important forms of trade strategy now. A brand gets exposed to new potential customer base by agreeing to mutual benefit. Adopting this belief has been tremendously successful for Sham Jewellers, Punjab.

As part of their social media influencer activity, Sham Jewellers started collaborations last year with several local and regional brands, photographers and other artists for wedding photo shoots in Trellis Garden, Punjab.

Speaking about collaborations, Arshdeep Khurana, CEO, Sham Jewellers, Chandigarh said, “Many local brands approached us after we announced that we are ready for collaborations. Typically, a local influencer plans a campaign and approaches us for jewellery. They, in turn, promote our jewellery on their social media pages which becomes a kind of content for a targeted audience.”Executing such a photoshoot brings in the requirements of a good photographer, a makeup artist and apparel designers. Thus, the collaborations widen.

The photoshoot kicked off from the start of the wedding season last year. This year, the jeweller has collaborated for almost 7-8 shoots. The shoots require models to appear in traditional as well as elegant, modern looks. This allows the brand to display all kinds of inventory.

Although a lot of people approach Sham Jewellers for projects, the brand screens and selects those personalities who align with the brand image.

According to Arshdeep, there are many advantages of collaborations. First and foremost, it increases the social media presence and credibility of a brand. “Secondly, we get a chance to showcase a lot of jewellery. We have a 6-storey store and it is possible to advertise all the inventory present in the store. So, these kinds of collaborations have helped us to showcase our maximum inventory,” he said, stating that the walk-ins have definitely increased with new customers asking about particular jewellery they saw in different photoshoots.

The brand is now grabbing attention of Punjabi film celebrities with their photoshoots. Frequent photo shoots have enabled Sham Jewellers to appeal to young couples, millennials and Gen Z.

Written by Manoj Chakraborty

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