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BK Saraf’s Shahzadi-E-Awadh campaign explores dynamic pursuits of young beauties



BK Saraf’s Shahzadi-E-Awadh campaign explores dynamic pursuits of young beauties

Youngsters love jewellery, contrary to popular thoughts. The only difference is that they take interest in jewellery not for its value but its visual appeal. That is why they love adorning them instead of keeping them inside lockers. BK Saraf Jewellers Pvt Ltd. was glad to assess the youth’s fondness of jewellery with their Shahzadi-E-Awadh campaign.

This is an extension of the ongoing Travelling Trunks mega campaign by the brand, as a part of which the brand has collaborated with trusted and influential premium clientele in Lucknow. This is an addition to that collaboration, in which the brand has interviewed multiple young women from those families who absolutely adore jewellery.

Commencing with family scion Urvi Bansal, a professional jewellery designer, the brand has also collaborated with multiple young women such as Katyani Bhatia, Raghavi Kumari Singh, Vijay Rajeshwari and Hemam Yunus. What makes the campaign interesting is its reel interviews of Rajeshwari and Bhatia which give a glimpse of their lifestyles.

Bhatia is a 17-year-old entrepreneur and owns a sustainable fashion brand, while Singh is a national-level double trap shooter. Yunus has founded an NGO named You Care Foundation for the underprivileged. Singh has a common interest of horse-riding with Rajeshwari, who in her reel interview talked about the equestrian history of her family since the time of her great-grandfather. In her interview, Rajeshwari said that she used to practice in Delhi before the pandemic struck and awaits normalization of public gatherings in order to resume her passion.

“Such instances confirm the diverse facets of the modern Indian woman who want to make something of their own lives,” said Amol Bansal, director, Bk Saraf Jewellers. “The campaign focuses on women from 17-25 years of age. Their families have been existing clients of BK Saraf and we knew them personally. We have equestrians, jewellery designers, social activists, and professionals in other avenues who have been the faces of the brand,” said Bansal, highlighting how such dynamic profiles inspire the target audience, mainly youth, to explore their self-esteem and success with jewellery as an extension of their promising traits.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta


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