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There are visible shifts in the Indian consumer profiles and the way they navigate their choices while shopping.



In her insightful presentation, Sushmita Balasubramaniam, practice head (South Asia), Kantar Shopper Insights, mentioned few trends which would have far-reaching effect on the jewellery retail.

According to her, a new India is emerging in metros and small towns. “43% live in metros. The number of metros has gone up to 44 in 2014 against 27 in 2001. Cities within cities with a multitude of micro markets and sub cultures are emerging,” says Balasubramaniam.

Balasubramaniam underlined the changing market, informed customer profiles and a more powerful peer-to-peer business strategy armed with social media as the driving factors of changing consumer landscape.

“As metropolitan cities increase, more people from small towns are found buying products online. Women have more decision making power in investment opportunities. So, micro-targeting and diversification of products across all occasions of women have become vital,” she said.

Subramaniam also added that brand value and experimentation are increasing simultaneously, implying a need for customisation and use of interactive technologies as key techniques to attract customers.

“Today, every 1 out of 3 urban internet users is a digital commerce shopper. Mobile wallet transactions in India have grown approximately 20 times in just last 3 years,” says Balasubramaniam.

She also spoke about the link to the ‘personalization’ trend – personalized product recommendations/promotions from past purchases, searches, cart-abandonment etc, use online data history to elevate in-store experience even when a customer walks into the store and the need of ‘Personal shopper’ tools using image search history and interactive virtual fittings against changing color/fashion choices; or using different jewellery/stone designs. According to her, Social Media Influencers are a new breed of accessible, everyday celebrities so there is need to tap into this network with a consistent presence and relevant conversations.

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